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  1. Yeah tried that, pretty much got told Its an import and warranty is geared to each region so no dice. Might see if my friend who is living in japan can check with a JP BMW dealer
  2. Yeah i kinda figured The PPI wouldn't be able to catch it all, but you would hope if i asked them to specifically check key areas they would. is there a way online to verify if any of the recall work has been done via the VIN number? Thanks in advance Darsh
  3. Cool, that's exactly what i was after thanks for the info hybrid. Is the hpfp covered under the recall issue or is just safer to replace now? Reading around it also looks like the Injectors are under recall as well. Looking to get the PPI done at BM workshop in grey lynn. Will mention the above Thanks Again
  4. Hi Guys, I am looking at buying a 135i 2008 with 65K on the clock. I am checking if all the recall work has been done but is there anything else i should get checked out? Also can anyone recommend a service agent in the city that does a decent pre-purchase inspection? Thanks Darsh
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