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    I have an e21 that I've owned for about three years and I have done A LOT to it in this time, nothing drastic but I like it

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  1. Yeah it sucks the only other e21 I've ever seen in person other than my own is Murry Fullertons yellow parts car in papakura. I really like this colour I wanted to respray with a dark candy red but I think this colour is really growing on me, not too many cars this colour either. I'd be really keen to see yours. Haha I have an oldschool account for the wagon too but the last time tried figuring out how to drive the website was about a year ago haha, I'll give it a go again soon when the e21 stops being so needy towards me
  2. Holy sh*t this is embarrassing (especially coming from an electrical background) I checked the car again yesterday and discovered actually WAS a fuse in the fusebox, it had only a hairline crack in it, small enough that the multimeter could read no fault, and produced voltage just enough to get the other side of the fuse but not enough to get through the circuit properly, replaced and done!! Everything working correctly now. The fuse says its only for the stop lights and radio but in fact does supply the rev counter and interior lights. Never had this happen before but all is well!
  3. Hi I'm extremely new to these forums and have had to deal with a lot of tricky e21 problems in my ownership as the mechanic who owned it before me treated the car terribly. Anyway everything was working fine until I went on holiday for the last two weeks, came back jumped her up and running again (probably the 78th time i've had to jump start it) and realised the rev counter, stereo and brake lights not working and I also think the interior lights arent working either. Checked fuses (cleaned them up and made good contact), checked both common grounds under dash and next to battery and spent hours searching forums to no prevail. Everything seems in really decent condition but I can't find the problem! I hope someone can help, indicators/headlights are fine and the tail lights still light up when the headlights are on but still no brake light.
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