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  1. rynevsn

    Gone - NZ New 2001 330i SE

  2. rynevsn

    E30 325i 87-94 Manual

    Prefer a 325i for the extra power, would probably get a sedan if I can't source a touring. Thanks for the advice though, would look at a body conversion as a last resort.
  3. rynevsn

    E30 325i 87-94 Manual

    Hi all I'm interested in locating an E30 325i touring wagon, or alternatively an E30 325i . If anyone has one for sale or knows of one that could be potentially for sale please get in touch. Preferably anything over 200k would have been reconditioned, manual transmission, and original's preferred (i.e. no 320i's converted to 325i's). I'm in Wellington. Only German made, no S.A.
  4. rynevsn

    FS: 1987 E28 525e 5spd manual

    Guessing it hasn't been reconditioned? All original parts? Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk