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  1. My BMW E90 2007 N52 Model covered mileage of 95K Miles is having erratic gearshift changes and keeps popping the Transmission Error on the Idrive. i have changed the transmission fluid but still gives a rough ride. on scanning the error codes given are; EGS errors; 005654, 005655, 0056BA, 0056BB.. Online research indicates that it could be the Transmission sleeves have worn out but my mechanic suggest the best solution is to replace the Mechatronic Unit as the codes could imply my solenoids are worked up.. has anyone encountered this errors and what solutions have they applied that worked for them. Thanks..
  2. Please share and or explain the procedures used..
  3. Please share and or explain the procedures used..
  4. Please share and or explain the procedures used..
  5. Santos's.. Thanks for the feedback and guidance.. Is the a way to access the code through Idrive or one has to go through the odbc or cable connector.. Thanks
  6. Spoke to them. Said they cant do a thing as it's a risk of tempering with the whole radio unit.
  7. Any help on E90 '07 model with i-drive is much welcomed in regards to changing the radio area from japan to oce Regards, George Nairobi, Kenya.
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