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  1. Hey thanks Mark....for taking the time to reply.Do you think that Puke and Hampton Downs will see the huge marketing possibilites to open their tracks for a fun Half hour. For f ... sake, there were cyclists going anti clockwise at Puke a few Sundays ago. Called the Lyrcra Maniacs. Did they pay The Counties Racing Club a TRACK FEE of $ 5000 for the Day ? Or was it $20 per rider ? The Counties Racing Club annual financial report is due soon. The income from "Racing Track Activities" will be interesting reading. A "fun" track day for Auckland Minis, VW or any other brand would generate income for the struggling club.
  2. With Tony Quinn's magnificent improvements/extensions, is there a schedule for club Days in the coming season at Hampton Downs ? On April 10 this year during the final round of The Classic Japanese series the track was closed for one hour while American / V8's drove sedately around for 5 laps. I wasn't sure if this was a "club" event,but it didnt cost them a bean ! Does BimmerSport or any other Auckland Car Clubs have any plans to have an event in 2016 -17 for those of us who dont have : fire proof suits, roll cages, Titanium Helmets but I would be willing to pay $ 80 ( say ) to follow a pace car at say 180km max just for the thrill. Single file 10 seconds intervals :no over taking: 15 minutes or so on the track. Cars to be Road legal. According to Keith Jones, who is involved with the Classic Japanese series the rental for the day at H Downs will increase next season, if the extension is used, Pukekohe circuit day rental for clubs is being finalised soon, I am informed. Any thoughts or information ??