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  1. Kirrama

    Hampton Downs Track Days November 2016

    Hey thanks Mark....for taking the time to reply.Do you think that Puke and Hampton Downs will see the huge marketing possibilites to open their tracks for a fun Half hour. For f ... sake, there were cyclists going anti clockwise at Puke a few Sundays ago. Called the Lyrcra Maniacs. Did they pay The Counties Racing Club a TRACK FEE of $ 5000 for the Day ? Or was it $20 per rider ? The Counties Racing Club annual financial report is due soon. The income from "Racing Track Activities" will be interesting reading. A "fun" track day for Auckland Minis, VW or any other brand would generate income for the struggling club.
  2. With Tony Quinn's magnificent improvements/extensions, is there a schedule for club Days in the coming season at Hampton Downs ? On April 10 this year during the final round of The Classic Japanese series the track was closed for one hour while American / V8's drove sedately around for 5 laps. I wasn't sure if this was a "club" event,but it didnt cost them a bean ! Does BimmerSport or any other Auckland Car Clubs have any plans to have an event in 2016 -17 for those of us who dont have : fire proof suits, roll cages, Titanium Helmets but I would be willing to pay $ 80 ( say ) to follow a pace car at say 180km max just for the thrill. Single file 10 seconds intervals :no over taking: 15 minutes or so on the track. Cars to be Road legal. According to Keith Jones, who is involved with the Classic Japanese series the rental for the day at H Downs will increase next season, if the extension is used, Pukekohe circuit day rental for clubs is being finalised soon, I am informed. Any thoughts or information ??