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  1. Bump, $13500. Save me from Trademe!
  2. Hey Guys, It's time to let my pride and joy go to another home. Me and the wife are cutting back on costs and are dropping down to one car, I now e-bike into work and this just sits in the garage and only gets used occasionally on the weekends. I've loved every minute of ownership, and I hope to find another home on here for it rather than have to put it up on Trademe. I have full service history for it in my ownership, prior to me there was one other NZ owner, and originally from Japan. Recently done the brakes/rotors (all around) 60,000km's left in them Near new front tyres Rear tyres have plenty of life left in them No modifications apart from blacking out the kindey grille, and white angel eyes Recently serviced 102,000km Always garaged and washed meticulously every fortnight! There are no issues that i know of with the car except that it could do with a transmission fluid change as it very occasionally hesitates in 6th gear at around 2k RPM. I had it checked at Auckland City BMW who had it on their computers, checked all the gear ratios, torque converter etc etc and said it was perfect, just needs a fluid change, this would be at a cost to the new owner of around $1000 Due to the above, i will let it go for $14000 If you would like to discuss further please get me on mobile (Zero 2 1 Two three Zero 3 0 7 7 ) Or, email me - adam @ mada . co . nz
  3. Hey Guys I have a 2008 135i (Jap Import) with the old CCC iDrive. I want to update my car so i get bluetooth audio, and navigation. I was looking at getting this installed - https://www.hyperdrive.co.nz/product/92405/pioneer-avh-z7150bt-apple-carplay-android-auto-head-unit Only issue would be when the screen pops up im assuming itll cover the aircon controls. What have other people done to bring NZ Nav to their car and update the media system?
  4. Edit, nevermind. Saw your post in the FS section. Not really what im after man, cheers though!
  5. I didnt notice a date anywhere? But 2013 is a long time ago now. I think ill pass! Cheers
  6. Heya My 135i needs some new front tyres. Im sticking with RFT for now as my rear tyres have heaps of tread and I know you cant mix and match RFT with non RFT. The factory size tyre on the front is 215/40/18 and 245/35/18 on the back. Wondering if I can fit 225/40/18 on the front? Found some second hand tyres for fairly cheap on trademe - http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1396677214 So hoping to buy these and stick em on the front. Thoughts? PS. I am running the factory rims.
  7. Very nice man, was looking at getting some black-line taillights for my 135 too. How much did those set you back?
  8. Hmm, that's odd. Maybe try with Media Player Classic?
  9. You would need to install QuickTime or VLC media player to play it
  10. Noticed this while cleaning my car today. Had been driven about an hour prior. what is it? Should I be worried? IMG_0856.MOV
  11. That is a sad sight to see! Would love to do the conversion but dont really have the budget for that at the moment
  12. Cheers man I will have a look into this
  13. Hi Guys, Im wanting to get bluetooth audio working in my 135i. The car came with an AUX port but no USB. I've been looking at this - https://www.amazon.com/Tune2Air-WMA3000B-Bluetooth-Streaming-Connection/dp/B00R3ABHXY/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1497494958&sr=1-1&keywords=tune2air+bmw But im a little confused as to which model i would need as my car does not have a USB port. Would the above work with a cigi lighter USB adapter plugged into it? Sorry, a little clueless with this stuff. Basically, i want to be able to play music over bluetooth, and have the ability to skip tracks etc from the steering wheel. Looking for options Cheers!
  14. Plast-dipped the kidney grilles and installed white angel eyes!
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