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  1. 2Spicey

    Love my e36 318ti...

    Hi again all... may have sorted the slightly petrol/oil smell. Changed the PCV valve and connecting hose to cam cover... and the smell is no more!
  2. 2Spicey

    Love my e36 318ti...

    Thanks Mike.... S199 too so I can stop looking at that option and look at the usual other causes. Just found the pick of the brake upgrade so added them too. Cheers
  3. 2Spicey

    Love my e36 318ti...

    Thanks for your kind comments. It was so hard to find a manual version of the 318ti. I have added the factory fog lights also, with led bulbs too. Yes, my style 32's are 7 1/2 inch width and I think they are a nice style, not too heavy. My wife misses air conditioning (NZ new didn't get that option) in Hawke's Bay summer but I justify it by thinking how much weight I have saved by not retro-fitting an air chiller!!! At some stage in the future it may become a 2.8 litre but for now, I'm just going to enjoy what it has to offer.
  4. Hi guys and gals... About a year ago I purchased a e36 318ti. Manual trans and rather fetching in Boston green with light grey interior, It was from the first batch imported into NZ in October 84, has now travelled 148600km. It has a full service history from Geof Grey BMW. I have tinkered with it a little, 4 new shocks, 17 inch alloys I was told were from an e36 M3, new front hubs wearing the calipers/vented rotors from the 328i, quality wheel alignment. I changed the factory stereo, removed the factory rear muffler and crush bent pipework for a nicely toned 2.25 inch system, new carpet mats, and generally cleaner her up a bit. Intend to use it to teach my two boys to drive in and do the odd trackday along the way as well. The front seats recently were swapped for a set of motorsport e46 items which, although are a charcoal black, are just soooo comfy and better bolstered for enthuastic driving. All the originals components have been kept so can be swapped back if I want to (probably won't happen). I get a lot of pleasure from driving this underpowered, great handling lightweight. Now my question for you experts... Was this car fitted with a cat converter when new? It isn't there now and there are no O2 sensors in the exhaust system. I have noticed the smell associated with overfueling, especially when cold so assume the cat was removed and the O2 sensors simply unpluged from the loom. In a previous car of mine the cat was deleted but the sensors plumbed back in to provide data to the efi computer. I am guessing the plug I have found not connected to anything (in the same style as the brake wear sensor) hanging in the centre of the firewall, just to the left of the driveline is potentially supposed to be connected to an lambda? Thanks for your advice....