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  1. How are you finding the tune, noticeable gains from stock?
  2. Thanks for the tip Matthew, I thought the chargepipe was only needed to be looked at if you were running meth or some exotic fuel mixtures. I'll make sure that's the first thing I do. Is it a big job? Hard to get to? Importing myself won't be too bad, used to bringing things in. Was gonna go with a JB4 until I read about MHD so I'll go with that first. Ordered the D-Can and OTG cable so should be good to go soon for a stock tune. Might go for a custom tune once everything is done or just upgrade to a JB4 and put it on the self learning mapping, I've read that's wuite good.
  3. Hi guys, I recently upgraded my e46 330i to an e90 335i and now that I have a decent platform, I want to dip my toes into modding. Are there any recommended suppliers/tuners in Wellington? I want to start with the downpipes, high flow cat etc and a FMIC. I want to do as much myself as possible but the exhaust system can be handled by a pro. Any other recommendations? (I've visited this site on and off for a few years - onto my third BMW but this is my first post).
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