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  1. Im willing to spend/save whats necessary for what I need. If changing the engine to a M42 or M44, would that cost me the same amount as upgrading the M43 meaning it'll be better ?
  2. Oh yup I see. I saw his post it looks really good even for a workshop hack haha What about other mods such as largers cams for example & ITB's? I saw a few modified M43's with street stage cams & ITB's which looks like it could give it a bit more. I'm just looking for something to make my car go a bit harder than what it is now
  3. I have a E46 318CI (M43B19) engine & I was wondering if anyone has done any Forced Induction modifications to this engine? Turbo or Supercharger? I found a youtube vid that shows that someone has done it but it wasn't infortmative it was just for show. I know some people are probably going to say its not worth it due to being a small engine but the car has sentimental value to me so I am willing to try do it despite power limitations. It won't be the fastest E46 but I want a bit more out of it. Any other modifications other than Forced Induction will be helpful too.