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  1. Cheers for the offer James. I'm going to pursue the warrantee option first but if it's a no go then I may touch base to discuss. Appreciate the offer
  2. Thanks John. Yeah this video is quite informative. I have seen it and realise that other solutions only temporary
  3. Probably wont be news to many but in my search for answers, I found this thread on e90post.com which was really interesting and what I am going to try first, hence my 4mm wrench purchase. Lots of detail and comments about adjusting the actuator arm length. http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=176269
  4. AFE DCI's , ARMs Motorsport FMIC and CP, Tial BOV, VRSF DP's
  5. Thanks for the link. Looks like exactly what would sort it but probably above my DIY level!!. I'll definitely consider it though
  6. Yeah thanks for the tip. I am going to see if I can reduce the rattle by adjusting the actuator arm first. Just bought a 4mm wrench which feels like a toy. After that I'll give the MHD adjustment a go. Amazing that you got new turbo's on warranty!!. I have an autosure policy but just assumed that they would consider it wear and tear or that the mods would exclude me from that sort of claim. I'd be interested to find out more?
  7. Yes that makes sense. unfortunately the technician was out when I picked up but I will follow up. It sounds ugly!
  8. I just picked up my 335i from BM Workshop having asked them to fit my VRSF DPs. I have been running an MHD stage 1+ tune and have and upgraded CP and FMIC. I do have a custom tune booked but I'm not keen to throw more horsepower until I sort this issue. Since having the DPs installed, definately notice a performace improvement, but I immediately noticed the familiar wastegate rattle that drives me nutz!. I understand that it's a wear and tear issue around the wastegate actuator arm bushing and in a perfect world would replace the turbo's or have them rebuilt. I'm interested to know what others have done to try and resolve this issue. The technician did note that my vacum lines look worn and thats a job for this weekend to sort. Could a vacum leak contribute to the WG not closing and hence the rattle? Why would installing the DP immediately start the rattle when it wasn't there before? less back pressure? Appreciate any comments
  9. Craigus

    N54 3" VRSF Downpipes

    Yes. txt me on 0292935237 if interested Cheers
  10. Craigus

    E90 MSport Front Bumper

    No I didn't. As I had insurance to cover, I wanted the best option and he suggested that repair would not be as good. Here is a break down of costs REMOVE & REPLACE _U_n_it_s _E_s_t _A_m_t_ _R_e_m_a_r_k_s 1. FRONT BUMPER COVER 2.50 150.00 2. HEADLAMP WASHERS AND SENSORS 1.00 60.00 3. SPOTLAMPS AND GRILLES __0_._7_5_ ____4_5_._0_0_ TOTAL 4.25 @$60.00 $255.00 REFINISH 1. FRONT BUMPER COVER 0.00 320.00 2. SENSORS AND WASHER HEADS __0_._0_0_ ____8_0_._0_0_ TOTAL $400.00 TOTAL LABOUR 4.25 $655.00 Parts _Q_ty_ _P_a_rt_ N__o_. L_i_s_t_ 1. FRONT BUMPER COVER 924.79 2. MARGIN 92.47 3. FREIGHT 12.00 4. SUCCESS FEE ____3_2_._7_9_ ______ _________ TOTAL $1,062.05 Sublet 1. ---- Materials & Outwork 2. SEALERS & FILLERS ____2_5_._0_0_ TOTAL $25.00 TOTAL $1,742.05 PLUS GST @ 15% _____$_2_6_1_.3_1__ GRAND TOTAL $2,003.36
  11. Craigus

    E90 MSport Front Bumper

    Thanks for the tip. LTMotorwerks looks pretty awesome. My local panelbeater suggested not worth repairing and have sourced another Mtech bumper here in NZ. Thankfully insurance picking up the bill but will still cost $2000. I only get the excess thankfully
  12. Craigus

    Cutting out primary cats

    Thanks for the tip. I've booked in. Understandably they wont commit to how long it will take as they don't know what it will require but have suggested 8 hours of labour or in excess of $800.
  13. Craigus

    N54 3" VRSF Downpipes

    I have a brand new in the box set of VRSF Downpipes for the N54 I'm asking $400 for them or I would trade for some expert help to install my other set on my 335i
  14. Craigus

    Cutting out primary cats

    I know this is an older thread but just installed a new FMIC and have the VRSF DPs ready to install. I was planning on doing it myself but on looking underneath realised that the RHD cars make for a super tight fit so not so confident any more. Can anyone recommend a mechanic to install? I also have a spare brand new in box set of VRSF down pipes for the N54. I would be happy to get $400 or exchange for experienced labour to install mine.
  15. Craigus

    E90 MSport Front Bumper

    My Lovely wife recently backed into my car and put a hole in my front bumper. It is a 2007 MSport bumper and would consider changing to the same or convert to similar or M3 style. Can anyone recommend where to purchase and any experience with Ebay copies. I do like the look of a copy but not sure: http://www.ebay.com/itm/182589225485?ul_noapp=true Appreciate any help