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  1. Update - The codes are : Combustion Misfires - 29CC, 29CD, 29D2 O2 Sensors -2C77, 2C7C, 2C9C Super Knocking - 30EF, 30F0, 30F2
  2. Good news guys! I ended up fixing the issue, essentially I had a 10mm hole in my charge pipe because the meth bung fell out. Now the bad news. Misfires in cylinders 1 and 6 and "Inactive codes" Super knocking in 3 other cylinders (forgot numbers but will get them tomorrow as its now raining). Will come back with exact codes tomorrow but for now what are your thoughts? I know the misfires will most likely be sparks or coils but I have never heard of super knocking before?
  3. Definitely makes a suction noise when accelerating but I put that down the to DCI's. I can't see where anything would be lose in those areas but I will make sure they do a smoke/pressure test next time if they haven't already. Could it ever be caused by a Vanos solenoid? as they were saying that the exhaust side was throwing a code before. I don't get wastegate rattle so I really hope its not down that road ):
  4. Hey guys sorry for the late reply. The code is 30FF which upon some more research means it could be a number of things.. I took it to BM Workshop in Grey Lynn and they ended up charging me $200 and said that the problem was that one of the pipes of my oil catch can had come off which didnt make much sense to me as I had this issue before I had even put that on.. To no surprise the code came up again while pulling home. Stuck on what to do!
  5. Hi Navin The code said O2 sensor which dosent make much sense to me why it would put the car into engine fault.
  6. Hey guys So I've finally gone FBO and have just loaded my xhp stage 2 and mhd Stage 2+ maps! Its been a drag of a process as waiting for parts to come was not fun but anyways now we are here. Now for my issues.. as I want catless dp's obviously I had the o2 sensors come up with the engine light. This was to be expected so I ended up clearing them with the app but the light ended up popping back up again (this is before the tune). I waved it off as I heard that loading the stage two maps would clear it anyways so I did so. With the stage 2+ map loaded I went for a little test and as I put my foot down the engine fault message came up (full power not available, still drivable but "drive moderately") came on (the car was already warm). Now this had happened before pre tune so I turned my car off and on and the engine fault disappeared. I decided to go for another pull and the same thing happened again, this time instead of turning the car off i decided to try clear the engine fault. This seemed to work as I had my first successful pull without it coming up but as I was coming back down my road the check engine light came on (this is the little light by the speedo not the one that comes up on the screen). Im just wondering if anyone else has had this issue? Could it be that I was being a little too aggressive with the car as it needs to get used to the tune first? Let me know what you guys think! @Matth5 @Herbmiester
  7. Thanks @Herbmiester and @Matth5, you guys have helped me so much already by just reading your previous posts
  8. Ill give it a try, thanks Matt. My main concern is that all my parts come and I wont be able to flash anything because of a silly cord!
  9. Hey Gabe Thanks, the issue is that I believe the K+DCAN cable should work on my car but all the ebay listings are saying they will only work for E92's post 03/2007.
  10. Hey Guys All the parts for my FBO adventure are on their way but I've run into a slight issue with the MHD tune as I checked the VIN on my car today and found out its a December 2006 not post March 2007. I can't seem to find a DCAN cable that will be compatible with my specific car and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I ordered this cable before checking -
  11. Just realised I ordered the wrong DCAN cable for my car as I've just run the vin and it says December 2006. This is the cable I bought . Would anyone have any idea where to find a cable for a pre 2007?
  12. I have replacement VRSF Catless downpipes on the way (:
  13. Yeah I've got the BMS chargepipe + BOV kit on its way. I think ill try to run the stage two and see how it goes from there.
  14. Hey Jivnesh How long have you been running the Stage 2+ and the Stage 3 xHP? Basically looking to run the same set up tune wise. Do you think this would be possible/would you advise this? This car is my daily driver so I don't want to run into any major issues by running the car on too hard of a tune.
  15. Hey Guys, As I am relatively new to modding and tuning I thought I'd better ask and see what sort of stage maps people are running with what mods. Currently waiting on parts that i've bought online which are not the highest of quality but meet my budget. Order list - Dual Cone Intakes 6" Intercooler from NZKW VRSF Style Catless Downpipes BMS BOV Kit/Charge pipe Oil Catch Can My questions are basically what MHD and xHP maps are people running on similar set ups? What maps do you think I should be running with this sort of set up? Also on a side note, what insurance companies are people with? All opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks