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  1. donthaveacow

    Options for a Jap import 2005 745i

    Great thanks for the link I called euro surgeon and the guy I spoke to (Joe wasn't there) said it wasn't possible to get Bluetooth or a reversing camera on a 05 E65... doesn't sound right to me though?
  2. donthaveacow

    Options for a Jap import 2005 745i

    Ah bummer, so not even possible to change the language to English without taking it to a shop? I'll try give him a call later today
  3. Hi everyone, hoping I can get a bit of help with a few things before purchasing a jap import 2005 745i. As far as I can tell there are no aftermarket electronics in the car. Have done some Google searching and found a guide from Jochen which covers some of my queries, but would be great if I could get some help on the rest. 1. Switch to English for menu. Looks like this should be possible with the right button presses? 2. Switch to NZ radio stations. Looks like toggling from JAP to EUR in a hidden menu should do this? 3. Fitting a reversing camera? Would definitely like this for such a big car, is it possible with the stock controls, screen etc? 4. Adding Bluetooth for phone calls and Spotify etc? Not really sure if this is possible on such an old car. 5. Switching to NZ maps for the nav system? Not entirely sure if this car has GPS in it or if that would have been an optional extra at the time. I'm sure I could take it somewhere and pay a few $1,000 to have all of this done but would be very keen to do as much as possible DIY. Not sure what details everyone needs to answer any of my queries, hopefully year and model do the trick but let me know. Thanks in advance!