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  1. Thanks everyone jesus gone are the days of just simply getting another key cut huh? Guess ill be ringing around locksmiths who specialise in BMW keys. Sounds expensive....
  2. HI Grant no i lost the spare ages ago, Yes ill try some CRC see how that goes. is it as simple as getting another ket cut off the existing one OR do i have to go BMW? etc etc
  3. HI Guys/Gals My Trusty little E46 328i has developed a frustrating issue. "Sometimes" the key gets stuck in the ignition AND "sometimes" its just jammed and won't even turn forward?? Im guessing its the ignition barrel? but then after a few searches on the net i apparently have to get one from BMW? as its specific to my car only?? (sounds expensive) I thought it may be the switch on the auto shifter which disengages the key so it can come out in Park but why would that stop it from turning to the on position? I've jiggled the steering wheel etc and its just potluck if it comes out? and/or turns forward to start the car. Any suggestions please? can i just buy a second hand ignition barrel? Help!! sucks going anywhere and hoping the key comes out or hoping the damn thing will turn to the on position!! Cheers everyone
  4. Thanks for your input Grant i was thinking about a sticking lifter for the fact that the car has been sitting for 6-7months and maybe just needs a good hot run? it was running PERFECT before i pulled it off the road It ONLY misfires upon morning cold start then 5sec later runs perfect?? If it was a coil wouldn't just run on x5 under load and/ or continuously on x5? my mate is bringing his scanner over this weekend to scan it hopefully get to the bottom of this. Cheers
  5. Yes, but that just gives wifey the excuse she needs to try and get me to get rid of it as i have other wee projects on the go also (Turbo 87 GSXR1100) id like to try nut it out and fix it myself as its getting harder to secret squirrel cash past the mrs ha!
  6. Problem is I'm technology illiterate! I can barely work my I phone let alone one of those scanners!, my kids could probably work it out faster then me! but thats the beauty of having a forum like this with the wealth of knowledge you all have and are willing to share! It gives me the confidence to give anything a go! Much appreciated all!
  7. Awesome thanks man.
  8. hey zero where does one get one of those bluetooth thingys from? Repco?
  9. AARRR got ya! Yes! Ok one step forward, The old girl will live god dammit!! Thanks Gabe champion!
  10. Gabe how do i know or check which coil misfires it only lasts about 5-10sec then the engine runs on all 6 perfectly?
  11. HI guys/gals your advices needed please So after raising my 328i from the dead literally! Poor old girl now seems to have developed a small misfire upon initial startup? runs on 5 for roughly 5-10sec then fires on all 6, no oil in water, no white smoke, no overheating nothing? was running perfect 8months ago then was moth balled. Wifey gave me stick about it collect cobwebs and getting in her way( IN MY GARAGE!! HOW DOES THAT WORK??) so decided to get her up and going...now this!!! AAARRRGHH. just the ammo needs for wifey to kill my project! I threw new plugs in and still same fault ONLY when starting in morning! otherwise fine I'm hoping not a head gasket?? water seeping into the bore after shutdown? Or am i missing several steps here and jumping to conclusions? ( I'm good at that so I'm told) Cheers everyone Oh and if it was a head gasket how much are they to fix i think that job is too big for me to undertake ( i say holding head in shame )
  12. Oh gees yes of course! sorry having a blond moment..
  13. Awesome how do i complete this sale please
  14. Marvellous! That window seal looks new compared to my one friend! My one has just fallen to pieces there a huge hole hate to think where the water ends up!! how much inc freight to Palmerston North please?
  15. Beaut Gents many thanks wasn't too sure sometimes cheaper isn't always better!!......knowing my bloody luck!