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  1. Ambiez

    325i spluttering on take off

    Update: misfire on cylinders 3 & 6. Replaced plugs and coils, so far so good. Next problem: ABS light is now on and a letter from bmw about airbags
  2. Ambiez


    There's another? cool haha Motorsport suspension, thanks I'm rather new to the bmw world so any info is appreciated. Not new to cars or euros but new to vehicles newer than the mid 90s. Classics and vintage is my usual
  3. Ambiez


    Previous owner said it had been lowered with "new shocks and shortened springs by 1 inch". Sorry if this is a rather vague answer haha I'll look into it properly
  4. Ambiez

    325i spluttering on take off

    I just took the oil cap off while the vehicle was running and there was a definate change/drop in the idle. When the cap was replaced the idle changed back/increased to how it was. Does this help anyone diagnose an issue? I've looked into a ccv kit. May tale it to bmw for diagnostic thing, sorry for the 'noob' terms haha
  5. Ambiez

    325i spluttering on take off

    Thanks, I'll look into it
  6. Ambiez

    325i spluttering on take off

    Probably not a new topic but new to me. My 325i sort of sputters when i try to take off. Sometimes it doesn't like to idle nicely like its not running off of all 6, sort of 'surges'. Stalls sometimes when I try to take off (it's automatic), and I'm being as gentle as I can on the throttle. Will roll along without any throttle but if I try accelerate it stalls or splutters. Now and then it doesn't do it at all but it's getting worse. Cleaned the air flow sensor which made no difference. Sorry if my description is a bit vague. Suggestions on how to fix would be appreciated. Only just got the car. Has done high kms. Cheers, Amber.
  7. Ambiez


    Hey, Amber here, Just recently bought myself an 01 325i tourer in the taranaki as I've always admired them. Its not my first BMW as i had an older 318i a few years back but it is however the most modern vehicle I've owned as my other vehicles are vintage and classic. I'm not used to all the electronics and sensors yet, not to mention all the 'beeps' haha. Just thought I'd say hello. I'll put a photo up if I can figure out how. Cheers