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  1. moneygoddy

    BMW Airbag and seatbelt light on

    Sounds good, so how much it gonna cost me in total?
  2. moneygoddy

    BMW Airbag and seatbelt light on

    Thanks for your reply guys, The model is 2006 320i 5door. The guy I went to said he is getting errors of passenger seat occupancy, rear wheel pads, fuel levelsensor. I don't really think fixing these will sort out the airbag and seat belt sign off. Car was absolutely fine before getting the battery changed and both of these signals came after I got the battery changed I mean right after I got it changed. I will try going back to the same guy who changed the battery and ask him look into it.
  3. moneygoddy

    BMW Airbag and seatbelt light on

    So should I go and get it checked from BMW specialists? I was quoted $500 for occupancy sensors and rear pads as they were coming on the system to be replaced, still that mechanic wasn't sure that will fix those lights lol.
  4. Hi guys, I recently got my car's battery changed from a random mechanic. Right after having it changed the airbag and seat belt warning light turned on. I believe these got triggered when the battery was changed or it just happened at the same time, I don't know. I read online that after changing the battery, you need to update the system to say that the battery has been changed but it wasn't updated. So I went to a new mechanic as the service was due and he found that the Seat Recognition pads, and the rear wheel pads are triggering those lights!!! I am just confused on how come the lights turn on right after changing the battery?