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  1. nathanbro

    2000 BMW 318i No start

    For anyone interested. I have just done the cluster test. Lights up like a Christmas tree. But NO lights in the bottom left(CEL or MIL) when it should do so when doing diagnostic check when turning to ignition 2
  2. nathanbro

    2000 BMW 318i No start

    Hi all. New member here. Just to start off, im not new to cars and ive owned and worked on my fair share. Now for the car. Its a 2000 318i E46. We had just received it from a friend a couple days earlier. A couple of times the car wouldn't start, but it was the battery cable loose. As we were in a rush we just jiggled it, started the car and kept going. The car was running fine with no issues. Then we pulled up to pick a friend up from the Airport. We shut the car off as normal and wen to start, the battery again. I went to the rear to hold the battery while he started the car. As he turned over the engine, I saw a spark around where the earth cable bolts to the bodynear the wheel well. Turns out the negative cable wasnt bolted down fully and the loop was jiggling. Upon noticing this, I took the tools out and tightened all the cables and battery etc. The car never started again. First thing first. We checked ALL fuses and Relays, multiple times. I tested for spark, and there was none. Although the engine turned over fine. Something odd, is that the MIL or CEL does not come on at all. Not at ignition or start. Nothing. There are no codes. The key is recognized as it beeps when the door is open with the key in. Is there anybody who has experienced similar? If the spark at the earth cable caused an issue, what could it have possibly done? I will reply to answers asap. Thanks