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  1. As I understand they were made in NZ, but have been discontinued. I have a pair and am looking for parts to repair one of them. I would buy a whole seat if necessary to obtain what I need, but obviously it would be much cheaper to just have the necessary parts sent over. Any info or leads would be much appreciated. Thank you. Link to what they look like... Unfortunately the dealer in the link cannot obtain parts or seats any longer. http://www.sportseats4u.co.uk/brand/drift-seats/drift-reclining-sport-seats/drift-estoril-carbon-reclining-sport-seat/prod_1825.html Mods, feel free to move post if this is the wrong area. I wan't sure where to put it. It's a bit of a wanted to buy post, but probably more of a looking for info type. Your call. Thank you.