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  1. BradMosen

    Rev hang

    Does anyone know how to stop rev hang with an M50B25?
  2. BradMosen

    M50 Turbo

    PM me
  3. BradMosen

    M50 Turbo

    I have an M50B25 and I'm thinking I want to put a turbo on it. To anyone that's done this, are there any recommendations of what to get and what not to get?
  4. BradMosen

    Restoring Half leather seats

    Have you got a matching passenger Recaro too? If so, I'd be super keen to get the lot man. Can you give me a ball park figure of what it would all cost so I can get some what of an idea? Let me know if you want to get rid of them.
  5. BradMosen

    Restoring Half leather seats

    Those look awesome! I've considered going for aftermarket seats so they could work.
  6. BradMosen

    Restoring Half leather seats

    How much are you going to want to sell them for? And are they for a coupe? Or does it not matter?
  7. BradMosen

    Restoring Half leather seats

    Has anyone got any tips on restoring E36 Half leather seats? The cloth has faded to blue and the leather has cracked like they usually do. Is there anyway I can make them look a bit nicer?
  8. BradMosen

    1995 325i E36 Manual Coupe

    Open to offers 176,000 km M50B25 2.5 liter straight six, runs amazingly 5 Speed Manual Conversion, super smooth M3 Steering Wheel Rego until September Wof until August Super low King Springs Aftermarket alarm and immobliser Sunroof MSport Kit Brand New Toyo Proxes T1 Sports all round 245/40/18 Rear, 225/35/18 Front Half Leather Interior Blue Tooth Head Unit I've owned this car since November last year, it's been nothing but awesome and good fun but I'm ready to move onto something a bit newer. Everything on the car works except the central locking and the AC needs re-gassing. The bumpers is in average condition but don't really notice it. Comes with extra set of amber tail lights. Looking for around $7500 Located in Cambridge, Waikato TradeMe link: https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1614100572
  9. BradMosen

    E36 Steering Wheel

    Nah I'm after the whole wheel
  10. BradMosen

    E36 Steering Wheel

  11. BradMosen

    E36 Steering Wheel

    Anyone got one of the three spoke E36 Steering Wheels with the skinny spokes or know where I can get one?
  12. What's a good brake upgrade for a 325 E36?
  13. BradMosen

    Audio Shops

    Does anyone know of any good car audio places in the Waikato to professionally install a sound system? Preferably Hamilton
  14. BradMosen

    Aftermarket sites

    Thanks heaps man, super helpful
  15. BradMosen

    Aftermarket sites

    How much are door cards usually? Door cards with a factory look