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  1. Ah okay, thank you
  2. How do you move up gears on your profile?
  3. All good man
  4. Oh man thanks guys hahaha
  5. Could someone please explain to me how the community reputation works?
  6. Could you post some photos please? I think my passenger side is okay but my drivers side is really bad so I'd be happy with anything better than what I currently have.
  7. All I wanted was somewhere to get a good performance chip. Not a new engine.
  8. Very well said and helpful
  9. Oh damn I'd love to man, but Hawkes bay is a bit far away for me tomorrow :/
  10. How much would you want for them?
  11. I'm after a nice three spoke steering wheel that will work with the SRS system in my car. I currently have a 4 spoke M3 wheel but I'm not a fan of the look of it so I'm looking for a new one.
  12. What sort of condition are the seats in? Very interested in them
  13. I know they're near impossible to find just like the door cards but I was wondering if anyone has any door rubbers for an E36 Coupe to sell.
  14. I'm looking to buy some front Super Low Springs for my E36. It already has super lows in it but it's on 4 cylinder Springs at the front and my car has a 6 cylinder. If anyone knows where I can get some or if anyone has some please let me know, thanks
  15. My new E36 just has standard New Zealand plates on it but I'm wanting to get some euro plates for it. I was wondering if anyone could help me get an idea of the best place to get it done. I don't want to change the numbers/letters on the number plate, I just want the Euro plate with the same text.