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  1. *HELP* e46 318i 2000 BATTERY DRAIN?

    Thanks for this.
  2. *HELP* e46 318i 2000 BATTERY DRAIN?

    Cheers, i'll grab a multi-meter and get to checking fuses.
  3. *HELP* e46 318i 2000 BATTERY DRAIN?

    Cheers, battery is at 12.2v so that isnt good, just had it charged 4 days ago. Right now if i turn the headlights on, the radio dies and the dash dims. Car doesnt start. Not sure if it could be the alternator or what. Air con always turns on startup as well, sometimes turns on randomly.
  4. So I just purchased a 2000 318i knowing that it had an issue with the battery or the alternator. Had the battery checked and charged, and it is indeed brand new and holds a charge. However I went to start the car 4 days after charging and it is flat, i'm not sure if its the alternator or if their is something drawing from the battery when the car is off. Whenever i start the car, the ac is always on even when i turn it off, is that factory? - I have found that the 'hedgehog' final stage resistor for the ac is a common problem that draws from the battery when the car is off. Should i take it to an auto-electrician or order the part oniline and pray? I'm a broke uni student with an addiction to building cars if that helps.