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    Christchurch Service Workshop/Mechanic

    Thanks very much for that, appreciate you taking the time to answer
  2. Hi folks, New to the site so please forgive me if this is not the right place but I've a 2007 X3 3.0SD that my missus is currently using on a road trip with the kids. The dreaded engine exhaust warning light has flashed up on the dash and I'd like to get it checked out. We live in Queenstown but she is currently in Christchurch. Can any of you kind folk recommend a good mechanic/technician/workshop/service centre that we could take it too? If not she may still be going on to Wellington so if anyone could recommend one there that may also work. I'd ideally like someone who used to work at the stealership before either setting up on their own or being industrious enough to do their own work after working for the man!