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  1. Michael P

    Engine performance

    Hi, this is automatic Transmission and I normally drive in comfort mode. Even if i change to other modes you can hear the revs as it slows down to stop. This model is 2014 . Xdrive 3D Sav.not sure what generation is this.
  2. Michael P

    Engine performance

    So does this mean that when you slow down and engine start breaking you will hear the engine rev as i never used to
  3. Michael P

    Engine performance

    My Bmw x5 was upgraded with new version recently. Reason for upgrade was widget was not working and still not working. Now when i drive the car the engine revs when slowng down as gear is changing. This was not happening before the upgrade. You won’t hear the engine rev when slowing down to stop. Very annoying. BMW is telling me that this is how all new BMW x5 is now. Has anyone notice this after new upgrade