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  1. SnifflingHippo

    E91 Air Conditioning Issue

    Hey Guys, I recently was installing a new headunit and part of the process I removed the panel which holds the start button (I replaced the start buttont to red) and air conditioning vents. Unplugged everything (air conditioning cables to vent) and plugged back in and now when I have the air-con turned on (buttons all light up on air-con screen) nothing blows out from the vents. I can hear it loudly like you would expect when using normally and at full speed but cannot feel any air anyway. Vents are also open :) Any suggestions why this may be occurring? Hope I make sense. Cheers
  2. SnifflingHippo

    Remus Exhaust and E91 Tail Lights

    Thanks, those are what I was after but I don't think they fit E91?
  3. SnifflingHippo

    Remus Exhaust and E91 Tail Lights

    Hi Qube, Thanks for the response. your rear lights look really nice and professional so might give this a go instead. Cheers!
  4. SnifflingHippo

    Remus Exhaust and E91 Tail Lights

    Hi All, New member to bimmersport and currently own a E91 325i M-Sport. Love the car but would like a bit more sound from the engine and I am in the search for a REMUS exhaust (used or new) or if anyone else has similar recommendations? I am also after smoked rear tail lights (as per pic). It seems BMW manufactured two different styles and I have the red/orange/white where I prefer the smoked look as it would go nicely with my black e91. Thanks guys!
  5. SnifflingHippo

    Hello from a newbie

    Hi there, sorry to hijack the original post but I could be interested in your stereo if it is still for sale. Bit limited on budget but can you let me know how much you are after. Cheers