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  1. Seal had lost its stickiness on the underside which is likely where the water was coming through, no rust or anything.
  2. Just had a look and the seal seems to be okay but let a good amount of water in so will still buy a replacement, may have been due to the car being in the rain for the past 2 days on a slight angle biased toward the right... however someone has done some really shotty wiring on the brake light and I'll be fixing that asap. Update: Just got off the phone to BMW, its only $33 but I've gotta wait for it to come in from Germany so a couple of weeks.
  3. So I just noticed this morning that I have a tail light seal leak on my 02 E39, well it has tell tale signs of a leak with condensation in the left light assembly and condensation around the spare tyre plus its throwing a rear fog light error (fog is fine) . Was wondering if anyone knows of suppliers in New Zealand other than BMW themselves 🤣
  4. My tyre guy said they're fine to drive on until my new rims arrive (importing some genuine style 269's) it's not major sidewall damage but said not to exceed 120km/h... I'll probably still claim it on insurance so I still have my style 32's and a couple of new tyres.
  5. Wheel alignment seems to be okay but I'll see what the shop says when I take it in for new tyres tomorrow, this was by The Crossing in Tauriko
  6. So I was driving to work today and after leaving the petrol station going around a roundabout, I noticed a car in front of me spin out I quickly slowed down and before I knew it I felt my car slide straight into the curb causing this to my wheels (rear was curbed already when I got the car) and tyres I immediately thought of a bunch of expensive repairs but thankfully it was only minor wheel damage and I'll probably need new tyres. Just a reminder to everyone, be aware and alert. Likely scenario was a truck refuelled and didn't put their cap back on and some diesel poured out as they went around the roundabout... The council was quick to remedy the issue of a diesel spill and I'm glad I was there to warn other drivers.
  7. Just had a look, looks like they've been done already
  8. Hey all, new to the BMW community with the purchase of this 02 530i So far everything that's needed to be done maintenance wise has been done by the previous owner however there is a little bit of exterior cosmetic damage which will be an easy fix (there's an 02 528i in the orient blue metallic at pickapart that is in pretty good exterior condition that I'll go take panels off soon)... Currently on my list of things to do include: Retrofitting RF Locking system (currently Jap IR Key) New head unit (and sound system) LED Angel lights and fogs New wheels or recondition current ones Possible repaint in San Marino Blue next year
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