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  1. BurntSoup

    S65 rod bearing replacement -parts and a workshop

    Thanks guys, much appreciated. Hadn't heard of Bavarian Motors until you mentioned them, they seem to have a few mixed google reviews (but I guess who doesn't when you deal with a lot of people) -I used to use Burgers Motor Works years ago for my old E36 325. I know burger sold just over a year ago, the new guys seemed ok. They sorted my DSC pump out for me on the M3 about 6 months ago. aja540i, Can I ask what made you decide on the BR product over new BMW bearings or WPC coated BMW bearings? Any recommendations over ordering online from Turners motorsport for BE or WPC? Re VIN stamped on block I don't think I'm going to be able to find that myself in a hurry but I'll ask whoever I get to do the work to have a look for my piece of mind. Would have thought CCBMW would know. -FWIW I found guy on YT "BMtroubleU" posted a short clip "Engine number location BMW M3 E93 V8", seems to only be the engine number though not the VIN. Once I get there I'll post and update.
  2. BurntSoup

    New member intro E92 M3

    Thank you! -A couple extra for you to do than me it seems! Do you think you will use BMW parts or a 3rd party like BE for the bearings?
  3. Hi All, I'm looking to replace these as preventative maintenance on my 2008 UK E92 M3. Based in Auckland, north shore. First, my car has had some 'fun' in it's past. The previous NZ owner purchased the vehicle with the engine not working (apparently run out of oil) he then purchased a replacement engine and clutch in London when bringing back another vehicle (an X5). I'm told the new engine and clutch is from a 2010 with 40,000 miles on it (~64km). My car itself had done around 137,000km when I collected it and I'm up around 153,000 now. Previous owner seemed pretty genuine and a bit of a character at that. This would suggest the engine has done around 80,000km but I don't have any paperwork to clarify 100% Having made the decision to replace these for piece of mind I'm wondering: If I should use OEM bearings or some of the aftermarket options like BE. Is there any huge disadvantage one way or the other? Generally speaking I like the idea of keeping things original where it makes sense. However if I understand it correctly, the new replacement part BMW bearings are harder wearing and made of different materials which it's not possible to identify wear with an engine oil analysis. Some of the other brands like BE are perhaps better for monitoring lifetime wear through oil analysis? When I was in at CC BMW yesterday (factory recall on battery cable) I asked about this. They said they can do the work but suggested that there were different parts and bolts for different versions of the engine. So without the chassis number of the car the engine came from they wouldn't know for sure which parts to order, they could pull the bearings out and look the order the parts (2 week lead-time) or order both options at my expense. BM Workshop who I inquired about about doing this work to yesterday indicated they done a few S65s and more S85s which give me some confidence in them doing the work. When I asked them about different parts they reckon the parts are all the same and they wouldn't need to open it up work work out what to order. The chap at BM Workshop sounded pretty confident but does anyone know for sure about this? When I look online I can't see any different parts listed for years of engine at places like Turner Motorsport, parts say they fit all years of coupe, sedan and convertible so to me this supports his assertion that there is no difference. Aside from BM Workshop I read aja540i mentioned using Taylor Automotive but I was unable to reach them this week on the phone (perhaps still on holiday). Is there anyone else I should consider for this work? I know this is a reasonably sizable job and appreciate the workshops have to make their margin, I've had ballpark estimates from 4.3k to 5k for this including parts, does this sound about right? based on aja504i's indication it seems it's probably in the ballpark. Thanks for your help
  4. BurntSoup

    New member intro E92 M3

    Cheers guys, Thanks Olaf have sub'd to the Auckland room. Would be nice to meet a few community members. Yeah Michael, I think after seeing some nasty photos and reading too many internet opinions it will give me piece of mind to do the work. Have spoken to BM workshop already and they sound reasonably confident (perhaps more-so than CC BMW in Takapuna). I saw aja540i mention doing this on his S85 last year at Turners but could not get hold of them this week.
  5. Hi All, Have just found this forum, thought I'd join and say hello. Had my 2008 M3 manual (UK model), for just over a year now. It's my daily drive and I'm very glad to have picked it up. I collected in Christchurch and drove up to Auckland last Dec through Kaikoura (awesome roads), easy car to live with and enjoy it every time I drive it. After a year I'm getting around 14L/100km, mostly motorway driving. Gets more thirsty when booted but I didn't get it for the fuel economy I'm now up to around 153km on the clock and I'm looking at replacing the rod end bearings as preventative maintenance. (Will probably post on this elsewhere for some input). Obligatory pics attached. (Nurb sticker will probably go once I do the bearings and move on to cosmetic stuff -paint touch up, mags tidied etc.) cheers