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  1. https://www.hyperdrive.co.nz/checkout $828 four tyres..
  2. https://www.hyperdrive.co.nz/product/4295/michelin-pilot-sport-3?gclid=Cj0KCQjw6eTtBRDdARIsANZWjYbY0Ypt6jRmvlT6OQy1DdHJp7gKrNcV0fwu1iOrAmYz6-DNakBKjiMaAuSfEALw_wcB
  3. Bridgestone Potenza Adrenaline Re003
  4. 235 45 17 For my E39 540 Msport.. Michelin Pilot Sport 3 Or Bridgestone Potenza Can get both for about $200 a tyre..
  5. I like the Pilot Sport 3.. M5 tyres..
  6. They look pretty good, you think they'll fit OK.?
  7. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2370584455 Wonder if these would fit...?
  8. WTB... Looking for some nice alloy wheels (and tyres) for the above vehicle.. Currently on the original M sport 17"..
  9. Looks like it's the torque converter..
  10. Had a proper full scan of the car. Now no faults recorded, however the problem is getting worse.. Blip the throttle on tickover and you hear a big gulp of air, misfire, then revs OK.. While I'm driving at a steady speed the revs keep dropping by about 200 rpm then it picks up again to the original rpms, after a few seconds the revs drop again.. If I'm accelerating this problem doesn't seem to show itself. It's now started to be a bit indecisive about gear selection, dropping a gear only to change back up almost immediately... I've had it in two garages, neither can find the fault... Do you guys have any ideas.??? Thanks.
  11. Just found this blue/black loose pipe not attached to anything the other end, but doesn't seem to be the cause of the sucking air sound.. BM World down in Papakura scanned the car..
  12. Seems its nothing to do with the transmission.. Had the car scanned, no codes for any transmission. However, got misfire on 1 and 2 which can cause the symptoms I noticed. Changed out the coils and plugs on those cylinders, still got the misfire. Car is pulling alright on the road, but when ticking over I blip the throttle there's a misfire.. At the same time as I rev the engine I can hear a big suck of air from somewhere, I'm thinking a vacuum leak.? Checked all the pipes etc, can't see any obvious damage to pipes etc. Saw on YouTube guys using brake cleaner, spray it around all pipes/gaskets etc, listen for different engine revs.. I'll try that next. Have you guys any suggestions as to other causes.? Thanks.
  13. Gearbox judder... Noticed a gearbox judder, feels like running over a rough road for a few seconds. It's only done it a couple of times in the last three days, hopefully I can catch this problem before it gets really expensive.. I'm thinking maybe a filter and oil change for the box.?? Thanks.
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