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  1. Sorry guys but I can't help laughing at the replies😂 made my day
  2. I'm wanting to bring my 335i to a garage in Wellington to get the catless downpipes installed. Trying to shave a lil bit on labour here so would be great if I could bring it to someone who's got experience on installing them.
  3. Wanting to buy a JB4 my 2007 335i
  4. Yea man see you around. I'm very keen on doing meets and track days.
  5. So this is what I get from MHD after driving for about a week and 20km daily.
  6. I've got a few clips here if they tell anything, my burble aggressiveness setting is on hard and it sounds way louder than my mates 335i with the same settings. IMG_0036.mp4 IMG_0037.mp4 IMG_1353.TRIM.mp4
  7. So on MHD the option is OEM/Catted DPs, and I have always had it checked. Did you mean that I should uncheck it and see what happens?
  8. Thanks man! Those wheels I believe was optioned back then. Those photos were taken 2 weeks ago when I drove up to Auckland to meet up my mate who just bought a M4 CS.
  9. Hi there I've recently joined the forum! I'm Wellington based and very keen on meeting with you guys. I do landscape and car photography as a hobby, if you like my photography style and would like a set of photos for cheap then feel free to hit me up! I own a 2007 335i M Sport, changed intercooler, charge pipe and bov, currently running on Stage 1+.
  10. Hi guys, I own a 2007 335i and I'm wondering if there's way to figure out whether the downpipes has already been decatted other than taking it off and check. Reason for that is because when I checked underneath my car all the pipes look to be stock but it sounds louder than other 335s I know with the same MHD tune settings. And in MHD under both Oxygen Sensor and Oxygen Sensor Heater are incomplete. I've owned the car for a year and it's always been showing the same info.
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