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  1. Awesome, yup i have the wrong rubber boot lol just realised its from a 320i as the car came with some spares from a 320i, cheers guys. Thanks for your guys help
  2. Im thinking it goes onto the rubber boot but maybe im missing a piece? the orientation seems like it either doesnt go there or im missing something, if anyone has a m40 engine it would be great if you could post a pic with this hose in it
  3. It doesnt look like it goes anywhere in the boot, il post a pic of that tomorrow
  4. Hi im new to the forum, have recently picked up a 318i e30 1990 with a m40b18 in it. engine was in bits when i bought it and am having a bit of trouble finding where the hose goes from the bottom of the icv. Im new to cars and bought this one to tinker around on to get my skills up. any help would be great
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