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  1. After looking a bit further, there is no coolant left and it is all over the engine bay, something has burst. There is actually more pooling of coolant on the left-hand side away from the expansion tank. I have a bad feeling that I won't be driving it anytime soon.🤢
  2. Hi All, I've had my 335i for nearly a month, it's a 2008 with around 48k on the clock. Driving home this afternoon I got a coolant level warning light come on and managed to get the rest of the way home just fine (maybe 8-10 mins). Opened the hood this evening and I have coolant splashes all over the top of the expansion tank and around that side of the engine bay. Looks like the coolant cap had come loose or popped off from the pressure, as it wasn't in locked in at the arrow position and had very easy give. Any idea what my first move is here and what could have caused this? Car was serviced by the dealer I bought it from at Christmas, but I'm not sure if anything was done with coolant at that time. It also had an oil leak a couple of weeks ago which was fixed at the dealer's cost, apparently from the rocker cover gasket. Has anyone experienced this?
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