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  1. Hello Bimmers, This is my first time here and I am glad to see a community page for all Bimmer ownerrs & enthusiasts. I am here for a definite reason - Tyres. I think I've spent way too much looking at the info to change the tyres on my BMW X5 (2014) i30d. I had a chat with Bridgestone & Michelin dealer, spoke to cheap tyres in Otahuhu (assuming they sell run flats, lol), checked Hyper drive and Tryolla (online tyres) and finally I arrived 3 shortlists - Bridgestone Dueller HP Sport (RunFlats), Neuton NT 561 (RunFlats). Bridgey is priced at $720 a tyre. Honestly, I would never spend so much on a car tyre. I know it all drives to safety but my Bimmer has already done 70K's and I'm not too sure how long will I hold this girl. I have a child and especially in NZ the wet conditions matter a lot for most of us. But, why $720 a tyre? is the big question in my head. Bridgey is quality, no doubt about it. tip notch technbology and I also realised it's got silica compund in the rubber. The life of this tyre is great and I can keep going. Great Pro's and only 1 Con - the cost. Neuton NT 561 - This tyre is claims to be made in Singapore. I've lived in Singapore for 5 years and I can say there are no factories in Singapore at all. I mean, Singapore imports 98% of all the products that are sold out there Including water. I am confused how a Tyre is manufactured in the hear of the city. Well, My assumptions are wider. It could be a marketing office or even a PO box. Keeping the address aside, the price makes me lean towards this tyre. It's wet conditions are good (not comparable with the Bridgey), the walls are thicker to avoid any side damages. I am not sure about the life of the tyre though. A few Pro's and a few con's. I really need your help in choosing the right tyre for my car. I am price conscious as others here but If anyone can suggest other brands that they have used or currently running on them, please help out. I know, there are experts in here and recommending a tyre might feel like they're wasting their time but please come forward and suggest. I can be one of you next time (and save your time) if anyone asks a question about a BMZ tyre :-)
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