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  1. Yeah I think I might run some wheels that'll fit better than these. My problem is that they're similar to BBS LMS ( off brand ) and are pretty cheap too, but I dont think itll be worth the hassle to deal with it. Thanks for your insight.
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking at getting some wheels for my 130i and would like to know if I would run into any issues (clearance/rubbing/etc.) Car currently running: Suspension: Stock M-Sport Front: 7,5x18 et49 225/40 18 Rear: 8x18 et49 235/40 18 Thinking of getting a set of 4 wheels that are 9,5x19 et35 would also need a recommendation on tyre setup aswell as if i would need to run spacers etc. TIA
  3. Hi, Could anyone help me identify what kind of suspension I have on this car, and also what suspension would you recommend I run on the car.\ TIA
  4. Hi, Am currently looking for some advice on what to do with the exhaust on my 130i. It is currently running a stock exhaust system, and I have seen a lot of resonator deletes / Y pipe installs being done with a 135i back box and was wondering if i could just get away with the resonator pipe delete until I find a 135i back box or should I wait till i get the back box and get both done at the same time.
  5. I actually wouldn't have a clue about the suspension its how I got the car. Thanks
  6. Picture's are about a month old. Badge is now gone i hated the look of it just could never be bothered to take it off.
  7. Hi all, Have just purchased this car within the last few months, I don't have much information on this car and would like to gain as much knowledge on it as I can. First owner in New Zealand with around 84000kms. Was wondering what I could do as preventative maintenance. Car is manual
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