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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I am looking for the E28 M535i or E30 325i MSport. Please come back to me if you have any options or suggestions. Cheers Stephen
  2. Hello I am looking to reach out to other BMW users. I own the F10 M5 and will be letting this go shortly. I am hoping to move in to an older M car, preferably the E28 M535i or the E30 325i M. Cheers Stephen
  3. 77jessejames77

    87 M535I E28 Stalling/Idol issue

    Hi, My name is Jesse I live in New Zealand and i have an 87 M535i (auto) with 260k km on the clock. Desperately need some tech knowledge /advice. I have been having issues with the car stalling on me in the last 2 times i have driven it. I use the car maybe one or two times a week but i have another BMW as my daily driver. as the E28 is king Now what happened initially was after driving about 30 min to my workshop to do my oil change i parked my car, made a coffee and let her cool for about 40 min. After coming back i started the car, and went to pull it inside and she died. after trying to start the car again she was just turning over and not starting ( although it did start once or twice while i gave it a shitload of revs, but soon died again after) I have recently changed the spark plugs and oil. after a brief IAC valve clean I managed to get it going again and drove home (about 30 min drive) parked it up, and she sat for a week. Now when I decided to take her for another test drive she died on me after about 15 min of driving, this happened while i was going at about 100ks p/h (60m p/h ). I was on the freeway but i managed to get to get to an off ramp. What happened was as I was going 100km p/h the revs started dropping and when i put my foot on the gas to try and give it more revs this happened - (revs going crazy up and down, Fuel usage meter going crazy, I don't recall the temp gauge moving much but it may have been I was trying not to crash lol) I had to really fight to get off the freeway at about 30km p/h. My first thought was the idol air control valve, but it seems that might not be the issue. i have taken the IAC valve off again and cleaned it out really well, (contact cleaner inside, then after i used some crc multi lube gel to get everything nicely lubed and moving inside it). The IAC valve seemed to be sticking half open and not closing or opening completely. ( i have also tested the pins and they all have the correct resistance). A couple days ago- After re-fitting the IAC valve, Parked in the driveway I started it up and after 2-3 min the revs began to fluctuate (mostly drop down) and eventually the car just stalled. and would not start again. (i did start the car again today and managed to move it into the garage but I suspect it would have died soon after.) I'm no expert mechanic so I'm a bit stuck right now as what the problem could be. I do know I need to consider things like Crank and cam angle sensors, MAF sensor, water temp sensor?? or so I have heard, or the oxygen sensor. I'm wondering where to start. I have a friend with a code scanner would it be worthwhile hooking it up and seeing if any faults come up? What recommendations would you have or experiences have you come across in the past with this or similar issue? Thanks as always, any advice or tech know-how would be extremely appreciated! I have tried to give as much info as I possibly can if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. *maybe worth noting the previous owner replaced the IAC valve a few years ago. * this post is also on MyE28.com