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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, I posted this in an old thread and I'm not sure if it's been seen, so I thought I'd start a new topic as I can't find any info on this. I've started tracking my E36 and I've just fitted some Sparco Evo seats. I'd like to run a harness on track days and will at some point put in a half cage/roll bar. In the meantime I was wondering if I could use a harness bar like this: https://www.redline360.com/cipher-auto-harness-bar-universal-CPA5000HB I've been looking through the motorsports manual and I'm unsure if one would pass scrutineering. Has anyone used a harness bar like this?
  2. I need new brakes, all of them. My front and rear rotors are worn, my brake lines are 150k kms old and my rear pads are shot... There have been a couple of brake discussions here recently that have had me fascinated and I need to decide where to go. Some of my price research so far indicates: OEM Rotors/Calipers/Pads/Lines - 4 corners (F315mm) NZ Dealer - $2800 ("floating" front rotors, 6 lines) NZ OEM Discount - $2000 (as above but may not have BMW branding) US OEM Discount - $1700 (as above, approx NZ$ inc shipping and duty) NZ non-floating - $1400 (one piece front rotors) BBK Rotors/Calipers/Pads/Lines - 4 corners (F325mm) UUC/Wilwood BBK - $3000 (6-pot (sl6) + 4-pot (sl4), one piece rotors, landed) UUC/Wilwood BBK - $2500 (4-pot + 4-pot, one piece rotors, landed) UUC/Wilwood BBK - $3500 (6-pot + 4-pot, two piece front rotors, landed) Essex - $5000+ landed Brembo - $4200+ landed AP Racing - $6000+ landed StopTech = $? Racing Brakes = $? Others = $? Now, I really have a street car that sees the occasional corporate track day and the less frequent club track day. I realise the stock brakes on the 3.2 e36 M3 are great but when you weigh up the above prices it seems silly not to consider a BBK. And to be honest I'd put a certain (unknown) value on the bling factor of a BBK. Does anybody have anything bad to say about the Wilwood SL6/SL4? If I went with this combo I'd probably elect to trade pistons for rotors (i.e 6 piston 1 piece instead of 4 piston 2 piece), given my limited track days I think a two piece (floating) rotor might be overkill with a BBK? The UUC package has the advantage of using any e46 M3 compatible rotor which is appealing.
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