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Another basic Engine swap ? Thread

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Ive driven my mates m20 with a factory lightened flywheel and it's pretty tame. He also had a autoclutch built clutch which IMO was also quite tame.

But then again I only have my car to compare to, and i kinda went full retard. lol

Oh well, i settled for the heavier flywheel, although I realised it is not likely a stock lightened flywheel, as it has the crank sensor tab on it, so likely taken from another earlier motronic model, as I had a little flip when i realised i had gon an gotten my flywheel without a tab machined and saw the tab on the other, only to realise that if its Motronic 1.3 setup it doesn't need a tab.

I've had a look through your build, and I'm definitely not taking on any project quite like yours thats for sure, plus its my daily car that I have to travel between CHCH and Dunedin in quite often due to study, borrowing the miss' car is no fun, and previously being stripped for track use before this build, it was not a pleasant 400KM drive, and It'll only see some minor track time after this, if any, so I'm not worried about the flywheel and clutch setup, its not exactly a big motor pushing high ponies.

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So i have years to wait for my parts from Pelican. Unfortunately I have had a terrible experience with them.

I ordered my parts on the 23rd of November, was estimated a shipping date of the 5th, which I was ok with as some parts required shipping to their warehouse.

Then, when i contacted them regarding the lack of shipping and information, it turned out some parts had still not arrived by the 5th, nearly 2 weeks after I had ordered them, and I was still waiting.

Then this weekend they buggered up payment on their side, and had I not been obsessing over when these parts were going to ship wouldn't have found out till around now as they did not even inform me about the issue.

After contacting them and having it fixed, finally, OVER 3 WEEKS after i ordered the parts they have been shipped. But the issues don't stop there. They have charged me for faster shipping (FedEx 4-6 Day shipping that I had chosen), yet have shipped my order Via USPS International 10 Day shipping, which is even more infuriating.

Having ordered these parts, having them go through customs when they get here (Total was $900NZD (Around 450USD for parts and added 130USD for shipping) means at best, I'll get my f**king parts next year due to the Christmas and New Years holidays and Postage / present shipping rush.

Learned my lesson though, ill order locally next time and pay the extra than ever go through them again.

I suppose what I'd like to know is what should I do regarding the car while i wait, what can I prep, clean, refurbish ETC while I sit here twiddling my thumbs and waiting for sh*t to arrive?

This was supposed to be a project all finished up before Xmas, unfortunately at this rate i'll be lucky to finish it within the next month ;/

Incredibly infuriating to say the least.

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