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E36 323i M52B Engine Ticking Noise [Solved]

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Hi does anyone have any ideas to why I am hearing a ticking noise from the engine bay? It started recently about a week ago but then would stop after a few seconds of starting I figured it was a belt or something but today it stays ticking even when the car heats up and when I rev also.

I have been reading things from it being a purge valve or vanos and all types of things does anyone have any ideas.

I was just about to go down to supercheapauto to get a 17mm socket but then this happened and I am not sure whether I should drive it or not.

Specs 96 323i Coupe M52b


Solved it performed an engine flush and changed whatever the previous oil was from previous owner with HPR5 5w 40 Penrite tick was gone straight away.

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Also read something about lifter tick and possibly an oil pressure problem any information would be helpful. I have no check engine lights or messages on the OBC besides check coolat but that has a faulty sensor

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