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  1. naughty bmw

    SAD SAD DAY :(

    haha yeah, even on 7 pound boost it still likes to get pretty crazy!! No none yet. New Plymouth cops are pretty relaxed with most things, i guess cause the car doesnt look like a P O S they leave me alone. Plates were ordered on the group buy on here thru Andy http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/33451-fs-custom-germaneuroplates/ I guess cause they look like the blue investment plate they look legit?
  2. naughty bmw

    SAD SAD DAY :(

    Thanks yeah I hope so, it will be sad to see it go, especially if it gets written off straight away!! Yeap... IRD forcing my hand unfortunately.....
  3. naughty bmw

    SAD SAD DAY :(

  4. naughty bmw

    E30 SR20DET

    'PM'd you back
  5. naughty bmw

    E30 naughty BMW finally got some pics

    Thanks, yeah it has been nice to be able to come back to it year after year. Ive been out cruzing lots, coffee runs mainly with the kids along for a cruze. Has also so been one or two incidences where the tail got a little nasty lose while out driving it alone out yesterday enjoying a cafe run....raised the front 5mm and lowered the rear 5mm, finally got that perfect stance i was looking for
  6. naughty bmw

    E30 naughty BMW finally got some pics

    yeah mate always out side or kicking around in the evenings
  7. naughty bmw

    E30 naughty BMW finally got some pics

    yeah unsure. so random, fully just came across this in the ditch while taking the pic... thought it could look good in a picture. Probably a goat id say haha, yeah far to much driveway time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even less under cover time, paints looking a bit lack luster. you may see it out more now as the wife likes taking the kids to school in it, they love it. I just love the fact she likes driving it!!
  8. naughty bmw

    E30 naughty BMW finally got some pics

    Thanks, means alot coming from you guys who have obviously seen alot on these forums, cheers Yeah I agree, there is alot of love for coupes all over the world, but ive been a fan of the four door E30 since i was in my teens (two decades ago..... dam!!) Its honestly so good to see it come up this way and be finally happy with it after 12 years of ownership
  9. naughty bmw

    E30 naughty BMW finally got some pics

    Yeah that would be good to get some pics for sure. As for messenger, was a good drive alright, some of those corners are getting pretty chewed up tho, not much room for error either if you kicked it out a bit wrong, so was going cautious, last thing I wana do is stack it as soon as its been finished!
  10. naughty bmw

    E30 naughty BMW finally got some pics

    Thanks... Build thread incase anyone hasnt seen it http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/9897-0e-bmw-another-sr20det-e30/
  11. naughty bmw

    E30 naughty BMW finally got some pics

    Haha cheers.. yeah was stoked how they came out. Bit of tweaking on some of them on iphoto, makes anyone a genius Got them many moons ago on ebay aussie new from a guy importing them. Look awesome, have little functionality as high beam is a waste of time. Its a 'daily' driver for sure
  12. naughty bmw

    E30 naughty BMW finally got some pics

    yes officer, it was a parked photo, honest!! haha
  13. naughty bmw

    E30 naughty BMW finally got some pics

    Finally got the car together enough to get some decent photos. Im no photographer so dont pic on me too much ok haha!! Few Gopro snapshots from the run out to one of our sites.. good fun Enjoy
  14. naughty bmw

    Carbon Kevlar Autosport Bucket Seats to fit E30

    Bump, new listing http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=659894966 Will sell to bimmersport members for $700 with free freight nz wide. A Steal at this price !!!!!
  15. naughty bmw

    '0E BMW'... another SR20det E30

    Just an update on the BMW. Finally decided to finish finish it!! The car has spent the last year three years in and out of the garage with really no progress except the race seats being fitted. This last few weeks have seen repairs for the wof, and interior making its way back in. I have bead blastered back the catch cans and painted them including the tappet cover bolts. RePolished the shiny bits in the boot and fitted my dash mat and glovebox etc Will keep you updated on the further mods i have planned real soon