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  1. Sell me your junk!

  2. FS: BBS RE 031 18x8 wheels

  3. FS: BBS RE 031 18x8 wheels

  4. FS: BBS RE 031 18x8 wheels

    Sorry for the late reply. I believe these were on a japanese car with adapters these will fit a e46 with the supplied hub rings
  5. FS: BBS RE 031 18x8 wheels

    BBS RE 031 forged alloys 5x120 18x8 ET47 Diamond silver All 4 in near new, mint condition These are extremely rare in NZ, and would cost a fortune to import Pics: Comes with a brand new set of PFS 72.5mm hub centric rings See details here: http://www.bbs-japan.co.jp/en/products/re.html They're currently wrapped in a full set of Bridgestone Potenza S001 245/45/18 tyres with excellent tread but has some surface cracks, so consider them free. Pick up central Auckland $1200 ono
  6. wtb: 5x120 space saver

    Most of them don't have a one because of the run flats. The space saver kit is an extra option
  7. wtb: 5x120 space saver

    would have taken it if you were local, I am just not sure if it would fit the e60..
  8. wtb: 5x120 space saver

    what's the tyre size?
  9. wtb: 5x120 space saver

    wtb 17" 5x120 space saver, ideally with 72.5mm center bore
  10. 2001 E39 530i Msport Touring

    Thanks for the detailed review Yuen. I can see evidence of a rocket cover gasket replacement and it's likely that the vanos seal was done at the same time but I can't say for sure. It's still for sale, might put it up on tardme soon.
  11. 2001 E39 530i Msport Touring

    only have the 2.6k Bavarian receipt and some receipts for the parts I bought previously owned by a company and they did most of the mileage
  12. 2001 E39 530i Msport Touring

    bump - offers welcome
  13. 2001 E39 530i Msport Touring

    The M54s are probably some the most reliable bmw engines, plenty of 300k miles+ (~480k kms) examples on overseas forums
  14. 2001 E39 530i Msport Touring