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  1. Google’s not helping me tonight, so I’ll ask here (smarter people anyway) Did NZ get the 3 door 1 series aka F21? I’m looking for one for a project. Plenty in the UK, and they’re cheap as chips. While also being as salty as chips… tia
  2. I have personally had no issues with a VTNZ WOF in the past, but that isn't a guarantee! If you're interested PM me. In saying that, the coupler bushing isn't hard to replace and you can do it without disconnecting the joint from the firewall or rack if you're careful.
  3. Yes I do and I can make one to supply but all risk to get it to the correct length will be on you - I can supply instructions however. PM me if you want to discuss further
  4. @Autobahn I've updated the post with more details, PM me if you're keen. @ethane30 I've replied to your PM. Cheers
  5. A long while back I picked up a purple tag rack that had a crack through the housing - as pictured. Over the last week I've put all the purple tag insides into an E36 housing I had lying around. Took the opportunity to check, clean, regrease all the seals before reassembly. Now it's done I don't actually need it, so rather than putting it back on the shelf I thought I'd offer it to Bimmersport peeps. Comes with the original purple tag as shown in photos and E36 inner tie rods and E46 outers. The only difference in housing between the e36 and e46 is the breather pipe across the top. Pickup Howick or can freight $25 to main centres. If wanted I can include all the E36 and E46 pieces not used.
  6. Pulling out of storage this weekend, PM me if you're interested. Shipping from $25 (large / heavy). Cheers
  7. UPDATED 29 APRIL 2024 Only offering 'Barina' style again as these have been the most reliable for my customers. Joint End Options: E30 : E30 - great to remove the 'guibo' from your E30 E30 : E36 / E46 - great for running a yellow/green/blue/purple tag steering rack in your car. Note: the steering rack end has not been modified in the pictured versions. All I need to know is The length of your existing steering joint (short or long) Spline size at each end (13mm/16mm or 16mm/16mm) - use a vernier caliper to measure accurately. $20 refund on exchange of your existing E30 steering joint! I've sold over 30 of these now both in NZ and overseas. All come with detailed instructions to install correctly, however with all steering and brake items these are at your risk. There are many shops selling 'racer products' universal steering joints however certifiers don't like them as they're often questionable quality metal. Using OEM parts in the above options reduces this issue and both options are collapsible unlike BMW options. Post $10 to main centres or $14 to RD's, fully tracked to your door. Barina style
  8. now have yellow tag ex e46 m3 as pictured $250
  9. Sold pending. I might have another couple on the way so if you’re looking just pm me and I’ll let you know when they arrive
  10. After an e46 steering rack to mock up a new steering joint solution with. Don’t care if it has split boots, no ends etc, but the main spline and housing have to be undamaged. Prefer pickup in Auckland but will look at shipping options cheers
  11. modz

    e38/39 Central DHB

    Great thread and attention to detail @hqstu, glad to see these being 'saved' hold my beer while I jump on the interwebs searching for a 540i M touring....
  12. WTB, paying $20 each plus shipping. Need a few more to complete customers' conversion joints. Will buy bulk if you have them Cheers
  13. Alright peeps I have 10x steering joints arrived from the land of Oz. These are all UC Barina / Opel Corsa joints as have been used many times in both my own cars and others when putting purple tag, green tag, yellow tag (E36/M3/E46/Z3) steering racks into an E30. I supply 2 versions of this: 1) Joint as is with end cut off ready to install the E30 upper joint. I will also include a 4 page DIY guide. $60 + post 2) Complete unit - this requires you sending me your E30 joint and I'll send you back a complete joint ready to go into the car. $130 + post I also sell the 14mm rack spacers needed to mount the E46 rack into an E30. These are machined from billet aluminum and are $20 a pair I've done plenty of these setups for people all over the world. Obviously with all steering, braking and suspension components, installation and use is at your own risk. Note the fully polished complete unit was a custom request. Units do not come fully polished.
  14. Purple tag rack, cleaned and inspected. New rack boots installed since pics. Will come with E46 inners but no outers. $250 pickup Howick or can arrange post (won't be cheap)
  15. Sorry no more available, I sold up everything when I sold my E30. Tip tho - e46 compacts tend to have purple tags…
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