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  1. Hi all, I have a set of brand new genuine BBS E46 M3 CSL wheels for sale. Fronts: 19 x 8.5J, 5x120 PCD, +44 offset Rears: 19 x 9.5J, 5x120 PCD, +27 offset I bought these from a friend's friend a few months ago for my E46 M3. They have only ever had tyres mounted and been sitting in the garage, never been driven on. I sold my M3 two weeks ago and now these wheels have to go as well. The tyres (Michelin Pilot Super Sports, 225/40 front and 255/35 rear) are still on the wheels and will be taken off and sold separately... unless you're interested in these as well... they are also brand new. $3500 firm (wheels only, no tyres). I'm in Auckland, North Shore. You can call or text me on 027 700 8125. I'll get round to posting pics shortly.
  2. I share exactly the same sentiments. The M engine and chassis is quite something. I was mildly surprised to have kept up with an Evo X at Hampton Downs. My driving skills isn't exactly superior. LOL. I have a mild case of OCD and keeping my toys clean is something I can get obsessive about. I have a few hundred dollars of Meguiars products in my garage. One time last year, I actually spent 18 hours over four weekends detailing the M3. It was so sparkling I didn't want to drive it for the next couple of weekends. Kinda defeated the purpose. Thanks!
  3. Thank you! My favourite is Alpine White. But the Imola Red is gorgeous, especially with the pimp Imola Red interior as well. Unfortunately I had to part with the CSL wheels. Finances got a bit tight with a newborn and single income, so something had to give. Hopefully I'll be rocking another set soon. I was quite active in the NZ Silvia forum back in the days! It's now full of kids... actually the age group of that forum hasn't changed... I've just gotten old! How do you like the E36 M3 compared to the S15? I love everything about the M3 except the notchy shifter - especially when cold and piddling around town - it's smooth as silk above 6000rpm though. And I miss boost.
  4. Hi all, This is my very first post on this forum. I thought I'd introduce myself to the local BMW community. Nostalgia: My previous ride was a 1998 Nissan S14 Silvia with an SR20DET tuned to 272kW at the wheels. I spent eight years slowly transforming the car from bog standard to a very tidy and quick street machine which I tracked occasionally. It was a blast to drive. But it got stolen from my home in July 2009 on a weekday afternoon when my wife and I were at work. I still miss that car. Anyway, the insurance paid out, although I only got a small fraction of what I had spent on it. My wife decided the payout should go towards the mortgage - she's the boss So I spent the next year and a half saving up hard and found my new pride and joy - a 2001 E46 M3 in IR/IR and 6-speed. I picked it up from Masterton and had a smile on my face driving it back to Auckland. It's my first non-Japanese car. The performance, refinement and comfort all in one package astounded me. For once I didn't hear any rattles or creaks from a car... let alone a 10 year old car! I promised my wife that I wouldn't modify this car - she's the boss We'll see... Anyway, thanks for viewing!