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  1. Maybe I'm an optimist but considering everything I've ever heard about how stringent the engineer cert and recompliance process is, I'd have to think that it's a good car and it's hardly worth worrying about. Sure, it'll hurt resale but that's beside the point.
  2. To shed some light on this topic, the owner is a panel beater and carried out the repair himself 12 years ago. He had to replace the left chassis rail.
  3. Update: replaced the plastic inner wheel arches and undertray with near new ones, replaced a fuel line which was cracked, replaced the fuel cap and bought the following parts: -Purple tag steering rack -Staggered DS2s -Ruff gearbox mounts -Powerflex RTABs and LCABs -OMP WRC sterring wheel and bosskit Pics below. Edit: I should really get some decent photos together. They seem to be getting progressively worse..
  4. I'll give it a go but given how bad it has gotten recently I'm inclined to think that its toast.
  5. After an S50B32 MAF ASAP. Willing to buy new or second hand in known working condition. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I assume you're referring to the red one with 200,000 km + and the white RHD one have been sitting around for ages but there's a limit to this 'trick' haha. Taking shoddy photos of your M3 on the lawn and listing for $100k is never a winning combination for a quick sale. My point is if there's someone who really wants one and they have the cash, they'll be looking at the options in front of them even if they come at a premium. Disclaimer: I have a vested interest in seeing prices rise so I'm 100% biased.
  7. I think there's enough interest in these cars at the moment to 'reset' the market price. If people only ever see E36 M3s listed in the 30s then it's only a matter of time before that becomes the actual price. I'd have to think it would sell reasonably quickly at $25k.
  8. Very interested to see how you get on. I looked at what they're listed for over in Aussie and nearly fell off my chair! I'd say list around the 30k mark. I've always maintained that the E36 M3 has been undervalued for years and it would seem people are only starting to fully appreciate them now.
  9. I believe they're ok. Didn't throw a code when tested but could be worth looking into.
  10. Hi all, Need some input from those in the know when it comes to S50B32s. I've currently got an issue with the following symptoms which all happen sporadically: -Rough idle -High idle from cold at approx 3k rpm -Hesitation on partial throttle but revs clean when not under load. Also pulls hard at WOT. Also worth noting that the car idles sporadically at about 1500rpm when the car is in gear. I know that there's a gear position switch by the clutch line but not sure why its affecting the idle.. I've checked and replaced the following: -Checked ICV and cleaned with carb cleaner. Valve was moving freely. INPA confirms that the ICV is functioning as it should. -Checked vacuum lines and nothing appeared perished -Beisan system vanos rebuild by Kayne Barrie. -Replaced TPS -Replaced throttle cable I've had the car on @M3AN's diagnostic and also BM workshop and all was showing as ok. I've checked the plugs and they look ok but I'm thinking it's not a coil or plug issue anyway since it revs hard under WOT or free revving. Could it be a crank or cam sensor? Maybe I'll check the vanos solenoid wires again? Trying to be efficient in finding the issue without replacing every part one by one $$$. Thanks in advance Brad
  11. I used to own HAN77.. I wouldn't describe it as being tidy to be honest haha. It's not bad but its got a G220 manual conversion and other bits and pieces which aren't great. Current owner may have tidied it up though!
  12. My interior is still on offer if that means anything to you Dave
  13. I was literally about to post this. Having a bunch of Defenders listed all at once will definitely make prices drop. Not many to choose from in the sub $35k price range. Some good deals to be had in the coming months!
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