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  1. Hi all, If the price is right, I'm keen to sell my set of 436M wheels (Image off the internet). Minimal curbing but tyres are no good. What's the going rate, $1000? Cheers. Brad
  2. He warned me that there were some hairlines cracks but I was curious to see if it would last.. it didn't. Got an aluminium one on the way. Hopefully it's not too much of a PITA to fit. I still can't believe how rapid it is.
  3. Aaaaand I bought one. Very content with my decision despite blowing up the charge pipe on the test drive! lol
  4. How dare you betray the mighty colour of Estoril blue!?
  5. Ok good to know. I'm always on top of my oil changes and will use the best quality. Interesting that they run so hot. I'm not even sure how often youd get to put your foot flat with a stage 1! It's a rocket from the factory!
  6. Just test drove one... wow. My wife wasnt keen and said it looks too feminine but once I put my foot down we were both convinced! Such a good little car with quite a lot of character.
  7. Awesome to hear, thanks. Pretty much reaffirms everything I've heard already. It's a strange transition for me as I'm having to leave my e36 M3 behind. We had a little toyota daily but now with just a defender and an M3 it's not feasible to have two 'needy' cars. Looking to have something a bit more modern and comfortable. I think the M135i is a great all rounder and a superior alternative to an R32 MK5/ MK6 R.
  8. Been looking at reviews and by all accounts the F20 M135i seems like just about the perfect allrounder. Anyone owners on here who care to comment? Thanks
  9. Emissions or now having a flat spot at 3k? To be honest it was a waste of time, not much better at all. Hardly cost me anything though so not fussed.
  10. Whipped the exhaust off over the weekend to repair a crack and cut the cats out for a more exciting exhaust note. Also changed the spark plugs, LCAB, gearbox mounts (rubbish for a street car, taking them back out) and gave the car a wash. Slowly getting there.
  11. Nothing at all. Looks like $1750 on a backbox from BestExhaust is your best option.
  12. Maybe I'm an optimist but considering everything I've ever heard about how stringent the engineer cert and recompliance process is, I'd have to think that it's a good car and it's hardly worth worrying about. Sure, it'll hurt resale but that's beside the point.
  13. To shed some light on this topic, the owner is a panel beater and carried out the repair himself 12 years ago. He had to replace the left chassis rail.
  14. Update: replaced the plastic inner wheel arches and undertray with near new ones, replaced a fuel line which was cracked, replaced the fuel cap and bought the following parts: -Purple tag steering rack -Staggered DS2s -Ruff gearbox mounts -Powerflex RTABs and LCABs -OMP WRC sterring wheel and bosskit Pics below. Edit: I should really get some decent photos together. They seem to be getting progressively worse..
  15. I'll give it a go but given how bad it has gotten recently I'm inclined to think that its toast.
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