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  1. fhall

    E30 number 5

    So these are the rims I've bought 16x9 with et 15. Just need to sort some sort of suspension out. It currently has king super lows. Would they work well with koni adjustable shocks. I need some help as to a good set up with using what I have. Cheers
  2. fhall

    E30 number 5

    Been a while since an update. Haven't been able to get much done with family visiting etc but I've got the door jams painted, under bonnet and inside boot. Will rehang doors this week. Some pics of before and after
  3. I don't like E36's but that one is just on! Would have it in a heartbeat.
  4. Loooove that colour. What's it called? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. It's a two piece drive shaft right? Can you not slide the drive shaft down the spline a tad to get that extra length. There should be around 80mm play in the spline where the two pieces of the drive shaft join.
  6. fhall

    E30 number 5

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. fhall

    E30 number 5

    So I got the motor and box in. Here's a photo of it all sitting in place
  8. Yeah I'll be interested to see. I think you'll find you'll be sweet if you change the flex plate. Let me know.
  9. Not really understanding this fully.. But have you tried swapping the flex plate that came off the motor that the trans is from, to the new motor... That way the flex plate, torque converter and trans are all from the same unit... instead of marrying up a different flex plate to a different torque converter. Just a thought.
  10. fhall

    E30 M318i Manual

    No cert is needed for manual conversion. When they say no modification to the gearbox gross member, they mean that the physical crossmember hasn't been cut and welded etc. Simply mounting the crossmember onto the car is not considered modification of the crossmember.
  11. fhall

    E30 number 5

    Cheers mate. I look forward to them too. Will keep posting pictures.
  12. fhall

    E30 number 5

    Cheers man. It's going to be interesting.. Could go either way I think.
  13. fhall

    E30 number 5

    Bought the new motor and got it all cleaned up. New waterpump and all the usual sort of things I have done. Taken the viscus fan off and fitted an electric fan in front of the radiator to give me more room in the engine bay. Pics of cosmetic things done to the motor. Before and after Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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