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  1. w0lfy

    Average mileage for an E39.

    Got an 2001 facelift 520i (2.2l) get about 10.1 average,cruise open road at 8.6,around town average 11.4km/l. Not as grunty as the bigger size engines but alot better than the pre 2001 2.0l machines. At least the twin VANOS upgrade engine provides some better relief but not the quickest in accelerationbased on the bigger engines. Still a good all round car and reliable so far.Coil pack,radiator replaced...the parts are suprisingly cheaper than my Honda.
  2. They found the cat bro!!!. www.catchacrim.co.nz
  3. w0lfy

    F*** I don't believe this

    Flip man you were lucky ..they could have done worse depending on how desperate they were.My BMW got tappered with last week by some hoon wanting to get in the door,flippin screwed my lock. I have joined catchacrim.co.nz so i can post stuff ike this again.
  4. Hey this catchacrim site,there really nothing like it in NZ,would be cool if your buying parts from trademe then linking back to this site.Especially if the S14 engine is for sale eh bro!!
  5. S14 engine is a steal!!!...if ya lose it maybe this site will help ya then.Go the burglar !!!
  6. Yeah dont reakon thats true. Good idea though..im going to check it out tonight. Good if your buying something from trademe and want to check it as being stolen first i guess?.
  7. I see that the waikato has started its first crime fighting website for new zealand,i heard about this via the grapevine. Looks pretty cool,if you have got stuff stolen etc... Should of had something like this when my car was stolen and the police hardly tried!!. Look as though if you join they let you know if other crime happens in your area.
  8. w0lfy

    BMW E29 Headlight visibilty

    Cheers for that,just had mine realigned and its made a difference,the mechanic raised them slightly above WOF level but not as far as to shine in oncoming traffic,alot better.Thanks for your reply. Wolfy.
  9. w0lfy

    BMW E29 Headlight visibilty

    Hi Yeun,sorry for late reply,the lights look exactly like the ones in the picture below that Alan has posted.
  10. w0lfy

    BMW E29 Headlight visibilty

    Thanks for your reply Alan,yes i would agree that your sentra would have better low beam,is frustrating to have a bright light about 5 metres in front of your that does not shine up the cats eyes in the road (or signage at 100metres say).What your next step to improvement,would you go for Artic white lamps or similar as sold in Repco? or remoce and place Xenon type as Yeun suggested..but at what cost?.Thanks Wolfy.
  11. w0lfy

    BMW E29 Headlight visibilty

    Yes the adjustments are working and you can see them move on his marker board he uses for WOF checks,thay are definatley ponting to the correct height..it is going in again on tuesday 28th August and while its there will get it double checked,i dont think the mechanic is stupid but it may just be the projected light difference compared to Jap cars that may take getting used too. Thanks for your time to reply Yuen. Wolfy.
  12. w0lfy

    BMW E29 Headlight visibilty

    Hi ,on my facelift 2001 E39's there seems to be a lack of forward headlight vision. Reading some of the forums suggests this is a common problem. The forward vision seems to be low on the road compared to other vehicle i drive which had a broad range. I have had the lights angle tested from a mechanic which proved to be ok on my vehicle,What lamp improvements can be done to improve light throw. Not sure what version of headlight i have ,but it is the standard BMW with the angle eyes,i think running a standard H7 halogen lamp. Can anyone please help with lamp suggestions or anything else. Thanks W0lfy