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  1. allan

    Tim 325

    Have to thin the fleet so time to move Tim on. An E46 compact motor transplant, exterior and interior work. Have a search well documented on here. Asking 5,990
  2. Have heard if auto the cooler for it is part of the main raidiator. If correct then coolant system will need to be in good order.
  3. allan

    Style 79 wheels

    A set of style 79 wheels came off a e46 compact. Some minor curbing on three of them centre caps included asking $450 will be on trade me for slightly more Wheel info Style 79 Rims were 7J x 17 EH 2 Off set IS 47 Part No 6751415 HLI 165-1b Tyres LR 225/45/17 Radial F105 Minerva 94w 5mm LF 225/45/17 Continental Conti Sport Contact 91w 5mm tread RR 225/45/17 Michelin Pilot Sport 3 94Y 5mm tread RF 225/45/17 Continental Conti Sport Contact 91y 4.5- 5 mm tread
  4. If like the e46 imports does it have a red dome shape under the mirror, clowns nose. If so this is the receiver part and does not have a good range plus you need to point the key directly at it. The key synco method can be tricky and timing is every thing. Have a search on here been talked about heaps. Let's us know how you get on.
  5. allan

    Quick Questions

    Have you checked the earth connections
  6. To do this correctly it is not a cheap exercise have done it. Apart from the headlights being upgraded you will also have to obtain the sensors, linkage and wiring looms, control module. These signal suspension movement to the control module and the headlight motors to lower raise the light housing to avoid blinding any on coming vehicles. Around 4200 lumens is the temperture range from memeory in their xenon light set up.
  7. try here http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog Also wiring diagrams https://www.newtis.info/
  8. allan

    Rear PDC

    Durr didn't even thing of that Thanks.
  9. Arr I see yes a cross would screw things up the way the bush is shaped. As other have mentioned either a socket, piece of pipe or the outer case of an old bush.
  10. allan

    Rear PDC

    Yesterday drove it outside and set up the table tennis table. Going to do a little stress relief haha. Over the last few days been looking at the rear PDC and reverse beep. Checked the painted rear sensors I had and found they all had different part numbers and some A1 , A3 what ever that is. So checked the other set I had and these where all the same so fitted them. After checking the wiring colours and pin placings which all checked out I tested for power , ground, gong activation. Now has a tone when reverse is selected but still no tone from the PDC further checking to be done.Anyone have any ideas thanks. Thanks to another member now have a set of neew wheels at staggered set of style 97's
  11. The copper grease will only delay the thread failing. It needs to be a square thread like used in a vice or clamp and even then greased. Are you able to mod the 2 1/4 piece to make it a cross. This would give more contact points and avoid damaging the Bush by not pressing in square.
  12. Is this a diesel or petrol? overheating, sluggish, white smoke. If petrol with these symtoms would be looking at blown head gasket or cracked head allowing water to entre the combustion chamber at a guess.. As mentioned could be cheaper and more reliable with a different engine.
  13. holy grap k boom man the gods were looking after you. Glad you got it fixed and who you know not what you know came to the front yet again with $$$$$ saved. Would this be a design fault, securing brackets coming loose, not enough packing between tank and body etc. BMW any use for info?.
  14. A guy in woodville has a bmw 7 series service manual 1988-1994 wants $300.00 plus postage if can't pick up. On facebook bmw new zealand||discussions/classified/parts and ennz european buy/sell/swap new zealand. '
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