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  1. flyrat

    RIP Cosmos

    Thanks all for the kind words, and Ray for sorting the awesome car, it was a good send off. I've posted a copy of the DVD I created for the funeral which was playing in the background as people spoke. It covers off Brian's passions and interests, it's got loads of BMW pics of bimmersport members cars in there. You can view it here Cheers Andrew
  2. flyrat

    RIP Cosmos

    Will do mate, I'm gonna miss his hooliganism as well
  3. flyrat

    RIP Cosmos

    Hi all, The funeral is at 1pm Tuesday at Lagoon View Funeral Services, 3 Korma Lane, Panmure and then on to his local Fibber McPhees to remember his antics over a pint. Gerry Hodges (BMW car club pres) is sorting out a suitable vehicle (bmw of course) to get him from the panmure to fibbers and to the crematorium later with his immediate family. It would be awesome to have a few bimmersporters around with cars if you can make it. Cheers Andrew
  4. flyrat

    RIP Cosmos

    Sadly Brian passed away today after his battle with cancer. Will update when funeral arrangements have been confirmed.
  5. Hi Fuzyfrog, your windows is only seeing 3gb because you are running a 32bit operating system. win7 64bit will see all of it. You can do it using bootcamp. see here. Glenn, Your laptop has some awesome specs, it should be fine for your purposes. When you say it's running slow, is that when you are using Photoshop? if so, got to preferences - performance, and check the memory usage, also check if your 'enable OpenGL drawing under the GPU settings, this will allow Photoshop to use the hardware acceleration of the graphics card. If it's slow generally, ctrl alt delete - start task manager, click processes and just make sure nothing else is hogging your cpu (click the cpu column and it will sort by usage) - you may have an overly active anti-virus app or malware on there. I regularly run a few apps to keep my pc running well, CCleaner spybot search and destroy and I just use AVG. some other apps like norton internet security can slow you right down. just watch out if any of them want to install toolbars etc - untick the ask toolbar etc when you do the setup. might pay to put the cpu / memory meter gadget on your desktop (win7) so you can see at a glance what your cpu and memory status is. You don't want to get over about 75% on your memory usage, so if it does, something is hogging it. hope this helps cheers Andrew
  6. No problemo Glenn, It definitely had me puzzled there for a bit, I've never encountered duplicate MAC addresses on a LAN before. In fact they are supposed to be unique from the factory. They have definitely been changed at some point in the network adapter settings possibly by another computer tech, but I've no idea why they would do this?? oh well, problem solved now, got there in the end. If you get stuck again dude, let me know. cheers Andrew
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