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  1. Let us all know what it was like dodging all the potholes at 200 Kph on the way back
  2. Your add needs photos.....Forum rules
  3. I’m retired now. I would recommend BMWorkshop in Grey Lynn. Probably the closest to you. Or Eurosurgeon, BM Workshop Botany
  4. I bet that freaked you out 😇
  5. What were you using to undo them?
  6. I’ve moved it
  7. you need to post a price in the For Sales- Forum Rules
  8. *Glenn*


    A tune well deserved in my opinion 👍
  9. I know the owner and that was my old number plate I had on my business vehicle
  10. You will need to check for voltage drop with a multimeter between the battery and starter and check all the earths as a starting point
  11. There is a fuseable link in the positive battery cable going from the battery to the font of the car. From memory it is located under the rear seat by the R/H wheel arch. Google it.
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