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  1. you need to post a price in the For Sales- Forum Rules
  2. *Glenn*


    A tune well deserved in my opinion 👍
  3. I know the owner and that was my old number plate I had on my business vehicle
  4. You will need to check for voltage drop with a multimeter between the battery and starter and check all the earths as a starting point
  5. There is a fuseable link in the positive battery cable going from the battery to the font of the car. From memory it is located under the rear seat by the R/H wheel arch. Google it.
  6. Misuse of words... Torque specs are critical and rely on all parts not being worn
  7. I suggest you talk to BM Workshop in Botany or Grey Lynn when they reopen if someone on here can,t help you. The rear hub bearing also needs to be preloaded correctly as a rattle gun won.t do the jub and you, be back to replacing it again. There are special tools to carry out the preload correctly. AA won.t have these.
  8. Another thing you must also consider is that your spending all this money and you still haven’t got a new rear wheel bearing. And what else will be compromised when they install the second hand parts you have purchased off Brent ?
  9. With out the right tools to do it, all they will end up doing is damaging parts that would not normally need replacing when replacing a worn wheel bearing.
  10. If they can’t do it your taking your vehicle to the wrong workshop for repairs and maintenance
  11. Price and photo required. Not a trade me link.... Forum Rules in the For Sales
  12. Finally......no more oil and coolant leaks ?
  13. Broken distributor rotor ?
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