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  1. AES Automotive Electrical Spares Ltd in Henderson Auckland
  2. Book it in with BMWorkshop Cam
  3. For the exhaust I’d recommend Dean owner of Mr Muffler in Cascade Road Auckland He does brilliant work. Did my Kona a few weeks ago
  4. Try South Auckland Radiators in Ryan Place Manukau
  5. We are averaging 800KM on 40 litres of 91 in my wife’s 2021 Hybrid Jazz e:HEV
  6. I just checked all mine... none matched
  7. Get a proper PPI with underbody inspection and diagnostic scan on all systems with a detailed written report
  8. It may do. Just try it. Our cars are RH drive in this country.
  9. Weigh station at 42 Stonedon Drive East Tamaki
  10. Thank you Nathan. I’d like to catch up too 👍
  11. 11th Anniversary today Im now dealing with the consequences of smoking cigarettes. Got diagnosed with emphysema in April and on a daily inhaler with Physiotherapy coming up after an accident once we get to level 2
  12. Did you replace the spigot bearing. If so did you check it on the gearbox spigot shaft ? Did you use a clutch alignment tool ?
  13. There maybe others under the rocker cover. Remove that first and check. Then measure the depth they have broken. That front one is usually the first to go
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