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  1. Give Shane a ring . The Circuit Specialist in Manukau. 0274722287. He did all our computer and module repairs. Best in the business.
  2. This now for sale as new. Life gets in the way. I’d like $500 for it. Comes with 12v compressor, 2 barrels & bait moulds. Ring me. 021921377
  3. These tools have now been sold to a fellow member and his son and I know they will get a lot of use from them👍
  4. These tools are still available
  5. Unfortunately Promo has left the building.
  6. Have you tried identifying the exact place the noise is coming from with a stethoscope?
  7. You may have damaged or interfered with one of the wheel speed sensors with the water blaster. A generic scanner will not help you with this. You need to monitor live data to determine where the fault is.
  8. This puller kit is for E53 only and the only axle puller I have left. The rest is all for sale
  9. Rear axle puller. I’ll check which model tomorrow. I think I’ve got both to cover both PDC sizes
  10. Price now reduced to $ 1,000 now. Must take all. You are able to inspect these. Just call me. I want my garage space.
  11. Ring me 021921377 oops. Just saw your overseas Sam
  12. How far away is the nearest BMW dealer?
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