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  1. Five Star

    328ci e46 2000 black with black sports seats

    What happened to it? No wof/reg etc? Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  2. Five Star

    invisible e30 sub

    The only setup posted in this topic that I'd ever put in an E30 would be the one Ari posted. Although people doing that in utes had some problems..
  3. Five Star

    Period Alloys for E21

    I have some, I live away from my car though.. Might even junk the car, I can't be ****ed chucking a new engine in.
  4. Five Star

    family bmws

    I've got an e21 sitting in my garage in Hawkes Bay with a stuffed motor if anyones keen haha.
  5. Five Star

    5.25's - Which to get

    Hardly used components, got them off trademe. You can use the components as co-ax too. Never liked having 4 tweeters. I'll be chucking them into a mates car soon, they've been sitting around as I use 6.5 inch speakers. Just some ideas for tweeters.. http://www.talkaudio.co.uk/vbb/showthread.php?t=159311
  6. Five Star

    5.25's - Which to get

    I picked up a pair of rockford punch 5.25's for cheap ages ago. Under $100, which is the max I'd pay for anything smaller than 6.5's. They're pretty nice.
  7. Five Star

    where to put 8" woofers in my e30?

    Have a listen to some properly setup 6.5's then. They suit most people! Going with 8's will be a long and expensive road. Fun though
  8. Five Star

    where to put 8" woofers in my e30?

    What are your components? I'd flag the 8's and change your components. But that's keeping it simple.. You'll need a decent enclosure or they'll be a waste of time. I hope you're good with fibreglass
  9. Five Star

    Nitrogen in tyres

    I know, I recognised your sig from bmwe21.net
  10. Five Star

    Nitrogen in tyres

    Madhatter?? Nice to see more e21's around! I wonder if Nitrogen will catch on.. I doubt it.
  11. Five Star

    Head Unit - What to choose?

    Most people I've met using TA haven't even EQ'd their system A clarion DXZ786USB used to be on my preferred system list. No idea what the updated version would be now.
  12. Five Star

    Head Unit - What to choose?

    You don't need TA.. Last I checked the top guys in Aus didn't use it.. +1 for Alpine
  13. Five Star

    e-audio gear

    Bahahaha boss.
  14. Five Star

    Being a poor University student.

    Like I said, it depends on the course. But I've got more compulsory hours in labs than most commerce students I know have contact hours. In first year you could hold up a part time job easy... if you don't go out 4 or 5 nights a week.
  15. Five Star

    Being a poor University student.

    Coming from a current uni student with experience in all the courses you're thinking of doing.. Cut this BS about working your ass off. You may want a part time job, but don't work too many hours. You're going to go out and go drinking, you're moving out of home. You're going to socialise and have a good time etc.. you need to think about your course. Your course to get into uni is harder than first year uni. There's no way in hell I could ever hold up a part time job more than 5 or 10 hours a week with my course. I choose not to have one so I can get in debt now, get decent marks and make it all back a lot quicker later. My course will be similar to yours in that there's assignments and class you can't miss, or you fail automatically. Extra years spent studying cost a lot. Teaching does have many hours in work, and not everyone can do it. Most people I know have dropped out of teaching because they'll kick you out if you're not smart or dedicated enough. First year should be fine for having a part time job, but a lot of teaching students I know wouldn't think of having a job in the few year(s). Those that finish it love it, and most can't imagine doing anything else. Yes you can live off $150 a week, but if you're going to have a life you'll need an overdraft or another source of money (that isn't a credit card). The $150 a week is there for people whos parents support them, the student allowance is for students whos parents don't earn enough to support them. Oh, and work your ass off when you're not studying. You'll need the cash. Although this makes you a whole lot lazier when it comes to uni work.. Right now I'm working for the uni. I just can't win...