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  1. g240 is from a 320i , they used l-jetronic , so no crank sensor mounts/holes on bellhousing only 1985/1987 325i used that type but was a g 260 box ,
  2. 140mm between top holes means its a m20 or m40 (120mm is m10 and m30 size) but m40 and m20 leanover at different angles you got better pics ? ,side view part number on ali shifter part
  3. 4.6is x5 dont have that type
  4. both e36 and e46 320i have factory cold air intakes with large surface area filters why are you wanting to change anything?
  5. just in RF wheel $20
  6. yea didnt last long i know of a 6spd gbox for a v12 which would be pretty cool adition
  7. these and e39 all fail , i sell them all the time
  8. Bmw M6 parts car Selling parts from it now V10 engine 507HP 110ks $10k 7speed smg gearbox $3k Lsd $2k Suspension Steering Big Brakes Remus exhaust Black leather seats $1k Carbon roof Panels and glass Bumper Lights Electrics 021433600 prices just something to work around contact directly if you want to discuss brent@bmworld.co.nz
  9. i used a guy in tauranga a few years back
  10. Hi, could you let me know when you can send the clear sunroof for an E39 540i?

    1. BM WORLD

      BM WORLD

      after lockdown 

      send me direct email brent@bmworld.co.nz 

  11. i have a few spare 5L packs of the 10/60 castrol $100 each
  12. have a few spares full size alloy
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