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  1. you could try these wheels gone
  2. i think some early 5L commodores used to had a 5spd ZF also i think some vettes may have used one? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ZF_transmissions
  3. sell it and buy a 330i or 335i etc
  4. not all z3 had lsd , was a option offered depending on spec
  5. zf 6speed auto swap ? use a aftermarket trans controller like these guys use https://www.youtube.com/@ZeroTo60Tube/search?query=turbolamik but probaby not worth the cost etc maybe do it with a 8spd zf

    Bbs Style 5

    its a e38 part number , e39 have bigger hub bore size than e38 so unless someone has machined them out to suit a e39
  7. we have already talked and i sent you pics of all i had by email , and did not get a reply back from you thanks
  8. space saver needs to be 17" min to clear the brakes and ET18 for a e60 , 3 series type wont work i have some single alloys with or without tyres to suit a e60
  9. 2017 post .long gone
  10. https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/light-vehicle-repair/general-repairs/water-damage?fbclid=IwAR3HFtH8f7qmbE6i4wl9DbxI-lFq5BXvmlHbZie64BDhncFyplMFWlI1x-E#tab2
  11. yea they are factory n54 with dct , the e89 z4 35i where only offered as dct or manual , no automatic option call me for a history lesson
  12. black leather body panels bumpers lights alloys no engine or gbox was a n55 dct
  13. have one of these 0280001108 maybe can work or use parts to fix the other
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