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  1. danjah

    NWS: More motivational posters

    danjahnz@gmail.com fwd plez kthnx
  2. danjah

    NWS: More motivational posters

    is it that video of that dude who likes doing grimey things to his gf in his bmw coupe? i think the vids were called bmwgirl....or so i heard, i don't download objectional material like that
  3. danjah

    Car Insurance

    interesting! have just applied for a quote online, disclosing the minor cosmetic mods and alloys hoping this should come up cheaper than AA insures my e36 320 for
  4. cheers for the helpful info Old Skool! spent the weekend moving in to a new flat and rang AA to update my address for insurance stuff and the customer rep said my car insurance fee has been lowered to $92 bucks a month so some savings are definitely coming my way soon. I guess this ain't too shabby as i have disclosed the aftermarket mods on the car at the timeof signing up Also asked AMI to send me a quote for insuring my car last week also but they don't seem to have gotten around to sending me an email as of yet :|
  5. danjah

    Alpine iDAX001

    hey dude, the idx headunit has the ability to change the backlight to either blue or red apparently this is a serious limitation according to some people because other headunits allow you to change the background colour to any colour under the sun? seems a bit much to me but i guess some people need that perfect blend of shitty diarrhea green
  6. very strange indeed! i have just rung AMI for a quote over the phone and the rep only wanted to know my address, age, car make model and year and original purchase price and quoted me $78 bucks a month for comprehensive! getting her to send through the quote via email now. she didn't even ask me if i had restricted or full license! ah well looks like AMI might be the way to go. looking forward to a 50% decrease per month for insurance
  7. ok so hypothetical situation say if i did total my car and i had told the insurance company that i did not have any mods, would they give me a hard time in paying out the full insured amount of 10K to me? or would they sit there and nitpick through stuff like mag wheels and tints etc. or just lump sum me 10K to go out and purchase a new whip? perhaps my understanding of how insurance companies is a bit warped tbh.
  8. yeah im thinking the biggest difference in price is due to the fact i've only really been licensed for all of 2 and a bit years. re: wheels, she asked me if they were stock wheels (aren't those just hub capped type bizzo) and i answered truthfully(stupidly ) that they were aftermarket 17". i just don't want to be caught out in a position if say i do total the car and then they go "oh but you said you had stock wheels and you don't so f**k you". is that not how it works? haha perhaps i should stop being such an emo about it and just get my bloody full license finally! but still... p.s: fairly certain friends car is regged and insured under her own name...dunno what gives. your $400 buck insurance policy sounds like a dream to me at this stage!
  9. so i know it's a pretty dry subject but i'm sort of looking to vent here but also to pick you helpful peoples brains as to what you would do in my situation i was having a discussion with my female friend about car she had recently purchase (02 Wrx) and we got to talking about how much she was paying for insurance on it. She mentioned she pays approx $830 ($76 a month) a year with State for comprehensive insurance to the tune of $18K. Now this amount is almost twice what i pay annually to AA to insure my 97 320 to be insured for 10K! so i went off to the state site to get an online quote and answered the standard questions and it spat out a slightly cheaper price of approx $120 per month...i pay about $150 to AA So to cut a long story even longer i wondered why the discrepancy could be so large compared to what my friend is paying for a newer, faster and most likely more highly stolen car. At first i thought it was because i'm on restricted but upon querying with friend she mentioned she was on restricted too however when asked the question "how long have you been driving" she gave state an answer of approx 10 years which is probably twice as long as shes actually been licensed for. Now i figure insurance is one thing i definitely do not want to be caught telling porkies about and i'm not willing to risk being blacklisted so i decided to give State a call to find out the reason for differences in prices Upon calling state i went through the details again with the customer rep who asked me from memory the standard questions regarding my age(27), how long ive been licensed for(approx 2 years), location, whether i had a alarm/immobiliser(yep 5*) and then we came to the utterly confusing part - aftermarket mods. She really went through the works with me and i honestly answered to the best of my knowledge that my car had 17" mags, tints and an aftermarket stereo system. but the bit that absolutely had me scratching my head was she then asked me the approx price of said aftermarket mods second hand! talk about a headf**k, i've only purchased the stereo new and the tints, mags came with the car when i purchased it through private sale which i explained to the rep. She asked me to guestimate how much each of the items would cost second hand, so literally scratching my head i told 40-50% less than what i paid for my stereo/alarm system and told her i had no idea how much to estimate for 17" mags which i couldnt imagine would cost a packet brand new as they are a non leading brand but told her $500 new based on prices i had seen off trademe for a similar product so less than half that second hand. she then wanted to know much my tyres would cost to replace second hand...at which point i started getting a tad frustrated, i've never had to purchase used tyres before but said new the tyres cost me each roughly $250 new (dunlop direzzas) so let her decide what the market price was for used rubber and finally i told her i had tints on the car. So after this lenghty discussion about what i thought was pretty standard cosmetic mods she pipes up saying that state would not be able to insure my car based on the number of mods i've got! talk about utterly surprised, i was expecting to be told "hey mr danjah is a much cheaper price with us now sign up" instead she's telling me that based on my mods that its too much of a risk for state to insure me and then questioned whether i had disclosed to AA exactly how many mods i had on the car for them to insure me. Of course i've been nothing but truthful to AA and have indeed disclosed all the mods which it had at the time of the car being purchased. I don't get it? have i just been twatted over by the holy trinity of insurance company dislikes (restricted license, euro car and mods) for them to think my car was more of a risk for them to insure than a 2002 wrx driven by a similar age but female driver? to be far the amount of licensed driving between me and her is about 5 years however the state rep seemed to emphasise that my car would not be licensed because state deemed the mods to be too extreme! She once again mentioned she was surprised that AA insured me and said that i should check with them to exactly what my cover was and that she thought some car club insurance (name slips me now) would be a safer bet as they would cover me for the mods. So yeah sorry for the novel but i'm pretty confused as to where i've gone wrong. all i can think is perhaps by me being quite honest about my driving status that i've shot myself in the foot? feel free to flame away if you think i'm deluded as whenever i've been telling people at the moment i've been paying in the region of $150 a month for car insurance they generally respond with "OMG! WHY ARE YOU PAYING THAT MUCH!!!" any tips or advice from anyone who have been in a similar situation, i just want a solid deal on my insurance without lying about crucial info like how long i've been driving etc p.s: have included pic of car with so called extreme mods
  10. danjah

    Alpine iDAX001

    i've got one installed in mine mate, its a pretty sweet device but does have a few limitations i guess. nothing too appalling though, probably the most annoying thing is that they seem to pixelate the artwork on the display no matter how it looks on your ipod which is a bit of a gyp considering its one of the features they advertise. other than that the connectivity is A OK with my ipod touch, its fast, good quality sound, menus can be a bit tricky to get the hang of but its not too much of a hassle to learn...just don't use the search button because its just annoying. i just set playlists up on itunes and use those oh yeah the display clock thing looks pretty cool, always get people mentioning that! edit: heres a link which has 10 pages of ipod nerds discussing the headunit. found it pretty helpful http://forums.ilounge.com/showthread.php?t=194637
  11. After an epic saturday night which ended at about 5am I decided to shake off my hangover and have a back 2 back mix session with my dirty frenchman mate Rene in the sun. Here's what we came up with! 90 mins of slightly more deeper, groovier tunes than what i normally thrash out but still worthy of a good cane on the subwoofer I've hosted it elsewhere this time from my other mixes so hopefully there shouldn't be any issues downloading. 90mins / 320kbps / 200MB René Le Prou & Danjah - Sunday Session 07-12-08 House Mix René b2b Danj Tiga - Mind Dimension 2 Sharam - Get Wild (Steve Angello Remix) Paolo Mojo & Jim Rivers - Ron Hardy Said Suicide Sports Club - I Don't Know (King Unique Mix) Greg Churchill - Budonkadonk (Vocal Edit) Modfunk feat. Zdar - Showtime (Da Fresh Remix) MDLM - Born Slippy remix Deadmau5 - Not Exactly Alex Kenji - A Lot Of Angela Fisken - Trash Test George Cochrane - My Synthesizer Won't Behave Ctrl Z & Screwface - Balls To The Wall (StereoTypical Part 2 Mix) Deadmau5 - Sometimes Things Get, Whatever Chemical Brothers - It Doesn't Matter MGMT - Kids (Soulwax remix) Butter Party - Wriggle (Zodiac Cartel's Twisted as Hell Mix) Bass Weazal - Kill The Fox Greg Churchill - Mulcha Enjoy.
  12. danjah

    Ray @ Hell Bm

    <3 Ray, saved me some mega bucks on parts for my e36.
  13. danjah

    Plasma Vs. Lcd

    got sent a crapload of HD porn rips from a mate, some of it is SOOOO dicey, you really do see some bits that you do not wish you had on the other hand got sent a about 500 gigs of hd movies which look pretty sweet on the lcd, good times
  14. danjah

    Dont Use Armoural On E30 Dash Or Vinal!

    sounds interesting, where would i acquire some of this bees wax stuff, any particular model or brand?
  15. danjah

    Another Slice Of Aural Filth From Me!

    hmm thats odd mate, i just checked out the old mix link and it still seems to download fine for me at work -click link >> http://www.zshare.net/audio/18118526746d0cae/ -click download file above media player bit, should take you to: http://www.zshare.net/download/18118526746d0cae/ -click big download now picture, should take you to screen with "Your download will begin shortly" and the link should pop up 20 secs later underneath it.... occasionally the second step may bring up an ad which you can press 'skip ad' on the top right hand corner. perhaps try browsing to: http://www.zshare.net/download/18118526746d0cae/ <--- old mix http://www.zshare.net/download/5158713482f002cc/ <--- new one hope this helps