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  1. Hi I have recently been getting maf sensor code and consequently can torque interface 82 I've checked for Vacuum leaks and found a small one to fuel filter, fixed and made no difference Then went and replaced the MAF and still comes up with the code so I took the inlet manifold out to check today and found so much oil dripping out of it, cleaned it as much as I could CCV seems to be the only place that can cause this, being a suspect but My ccv is relatively new as well as all the hoses, checking the oil filler cap while engine is running and I do get a slight Vacuum Maf error only comes up after the engine is warm and been running for more than 20 min but then it would stay for the rest of the day Anyone can shed some light on this? Thanks
  2. So the oxygen sensor codes have all magically disappeared I'm thinking maybe to do with the adaptation as I couldn't reset them after installing the new sensors I have driven the car around 2k since the last reset and they have not come back yet
  3. Thanks for the reply Glenn I've looked and cannot find any obvious leak, unless it's the CCV. I've checked the CCV hoses and all seem intact ( as far as I can see without removing the intake manifold). Should I be looking at replacing the CCV kit? The car has done 150k The engine runs very smooth however, cold and warm
  4. Hi all I used to get 2CA2 AND 2CA3 codes on my N46B20 e90 so I changed both pre cat oxygen sensors (it was a lot easier than I expected). Now with the new sensors I don't get those codes any more but I get couple of new codes. I'm getting 2C45 and 2C46. Also sometimes getting 2D11 and 2D12. Never used to get these codes before replacing the sensors While I was replacing the pre cat sensors, I unplugged the post cat ones and gave the plugs a clean with contact cleaner The new sensors were Bosch ones Anyone had similar issues? Any help is appropriated Thanks
  5. Thanks for the response Andrew Mine is Ate units with part number 6759073 and 6759075
  6. I know its few years but do you know if the part number has to be an exact match? all units that I can find on eBay, have a different part number to mine (the last two digits are different) thanks
  7. Hi all Having the infamous trifecta lights coming up First time came up a year ago and went away till recently. Now the lights stay on Scanning the module I get 5DF5 internal failure. I took the abs module out and resolderred all the points that I could, made no difference I have heard a wheel sensor could also throw this fault, when I scan and read the data, they seem ok and I get individual wheel speed, as well as the steering angle reading Also, sometimes the lights come on after few hundreds meters of driving in which case the abs actually works when I slam on the brakes, Could this be anything other than the module? Also if going down the path of a new module, does it have to be exact same part number? There are a lot of Ate units on ebay but they all have different numbers. Mine is a Ate asc unit, 6759075 on the controller and 6759073 on the pump. I know I have to program the Vin number but not sure if the part numbers have to be exact match or not Any help will be appreciated Thanks
  8. Thanks All for the comment, as Olaf said the key is shell m1375.4 which I couldn’t find in penrite or nulon range cheers
  9. Thanks for the reply I've got the kit now as well as the mechatronic sleeve My usual bmw parts store has this oil which seems to meet the specs, $20 per litre so not too bad Motul Multi ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1L Specification: Dexron IIIG/IIIH/IID/IIE, ZF 03D/04D/14A, Esso LT 71141, Shell M-1375.4, ZF Lifeguard 6
  10. Hi all I am planning on changing the transmission fluid on my 320i 2006 E90 as a maintenance task otherwise there seem to be nothing wrong with the transmission, it shifts very smooth i believe its a ZF GA6HP19Z i am buying the pan/filter but am not too sure on the type of fluid to use. any help would be much appreciated Thanks
  11. True I've just finished putting it back together and test driven it, all seems ok. will have to give it few Ks to see how it goes, seems ok for now ended up changing the valve stem seals, timing chain and tensioner/guide and bottom hose on the CCV (was left from when i changed the CCV as i was supplied with the wrong bottom hose) I think this is enough preventative maintenance for the car considering the age and KMs Thanks for your helps/comments
  12. Hi Nathan I have had a scan through your thread, Wow and I can feel your pain, what a bummer I will attempt on replacing the chain, tensioner and guide. I will be looking for the little tool to undo the central bolt on the crankshaft, or is it ok to undo it only by locking the flywheel? While I have her opened up, any suggestions on anything else to do. I had replaced the CCV few months ago but was supplied the wrong hose where it connects to dipstick, now that I have the correct one, I will replace it at the same time She has been consuming some oil, it has gotten worse and lately was drinking around a liter of oil every 500k, She had also started making some noise only on slight load Ali
  13. Thanks Glenn, You are a legend My next question would have been the torque settings which is already in the diagram The item 1 in the diagram, I've read that it is under the starter motor. can i get to it from under the car or do i have to remove the inlet manifold to get to it? thanks
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