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  1. Saya berada di sana pada tahun 2018
  2. That's because BMW Ti's are such a desirable motor vehicle 😍
  3. What was in there to attract the assholes?
  4. I just purchased this for Wifey. White Opal Pearl metalic paint and black leather interior. Pick up next week after PD , tinting all windows and GardX package https://www.honda.co.nz/jazz/jazz-e-hev-luxe/
  5. I want $150 for the Memories of BMW in New Zealand. This book was written by a very good friend of mine in the industry and is signed with a personal document by John's Widow. The other three I would like $100 ono
  6. Yes it does Olaf
  7. The 2 Bentley manuals I want $50 for. I put up the Merc ones because some members have Mercs. The Haynes manuals are $25 each. Everything is plus freight. Both Bently manuals and the E36 Haynes are now sold
  8. All items in the For Sale thread must have a fixed price... Forum Rules
  9. You will need to get it scanned to determine what the actual fault is
  10. I have James in Papakura. I also have a lot more you may be interested in. PM your phone number and I'll give you a call
  11. These are the side cutters we used to cut those squeeze clips with....never a problem with these https://shop.nws-tools.de/en/heavy-duty-lever-side-cutter-fantasticoplus-10522.html and we had, and I still have the two types of crimping tools for the clips. We did not / never use jubilee clips. Especially on reinforced fuel line. The teeth and worm drive damages the reinforced hose.
  12. I just tried that Dan and it came up with an old photo of you
  13. Which BMW group was this on ?
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