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  1. You will need to get it scanned to determine what the actual fault is
  2. I have James in Papakura. I also have a lot more you may be interested in. PM your phone number and I'll give you a call
  3. These are the side cutters we used to cut those squeeze clips with....never a problem with these https://shop.nws-tools.de/en/heavy-duty-lever-side-cutter-fantasticoplus-10522.html and we had, and I still have the two types of crimping tools for the clips. We did not / never use jubilee clips. Especially on reinforced fuel line. The teeth and worm drive damages the reinforced hose.
  4. I just tried that Dan and it came up with an old photo of you
  5. Which BMW group was this on ?
  6. Have you looked into getting it repaired ?
  7. Just be careful if you go second hand with these. Bell housings and sumps can be different. This is what we and BM Workshop in Grey Lynn found and BMW couldn't help with a new one at the time.
  8. Have you been able to come up with a solution yet Pramod ?
  9. When we needed one two years ago for a customer, there was nothing available second had or new from BMW. The customer ended up cutting his loss and sold it to SD European and moved on. Hope you have better luck.
  10. You will need to get it scanned. Check with Jon @ Auto 38 https://www.auto38bmspecialist.com/
  11. I shudder every time I see intake ports left open in a working environment. Please close them off Chris
  12. A photo and a buy now price is required. The Forum rules don't allow auctions
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