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  1. hi glen ryan here came down to the garange last week about my e30 problem with the fly wheel you gave it a drive awhile back you remember the broke down orange e30. you said not to waste time on it but i just couldnt let it go its my first e30 plus dont think it would sell to be honest! anyways just letting you know i will bring the car in on monday or tuesday i honestly dont want to give it to any one else to look at i spent money on lettin people look at it and at the end of it they have no clue i might as well give it to some one who knows what they talkin about so i will call in on monday thanks again i need help!! ryan
  2. hi guys i have a e30 manual just got the clutch fixed they looked at the linkages and fixed the gear box all new parts but the sensitivity of the clucth is very weird i cant feel it catching buy up to 85%-90% up and thats nearly up to its remote state when pedal is not pushed down. hard to describe but its a bitch when ur up hill!! is there a way i can get the clutch catching half way up ? a friend of mine said there should be a way to tighten it so you can feel it catching earlier. people say its just an old car but when u have got new parts it shouldnt be like it. any one know a place where i can get a professional opinion?
  3. hi mate do you have door cards for the back? E: Removed quoted pics
  4. hi guys thinking of buying 16" bbs rims was wondering if any one knows what the best size tyres i should have on them . im not really into fat tyres but it does depend on your car?? im gettin my car lowered aswell your normal legal size 45mm. any suggestions?? 205/40?
  5. hi guys have an e30 87 coupe inside has buttons for electric windows near the gear boxs also when taking the side mirros off had just realised that it is connected with wires are these supposed to work in my car i have manual windows and not sure wher the controls are for side mirrors?? any 1 know??
  6. hi there wanting to know if any one out there knows how to shave door handles? or has done it and any advice?
  7. hi any 1 know an auto electrician i need help on my e30 87 318i it doesnt have electric windos at the moment and it also has electric side mirros but i dnt knw where the controls are?? any 1??
  8. looking for bbs 4x100 mags any 1 have any or know any one that is selling?deep dish? also looking at converting my car to 5x114 can any 1 help
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